youth training

Warm Up and Movement Preparation

The purpose of the warm up and movemement preparation system for our adolescent athletes is to: Improve neurological firing (proprioception and kinesthetic awareness) Correct any postural or length tension issues before training Increase blood flow to increase body temperature and increase muscle and joint function. Increase the sympathetic nervous system for heighten awareness Increase range

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Guided Discovery

Guided Discovery Fits Development of Kids I can remember taking a PE Theory class in college and the concept of Guided Discovery was taught. It is one concept that impacted my teaching and coaching more than any other. If you watch youngsters play, you will see they are in a constant state of discovering something

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Segmental Training for the Lateral Shuffle

Lateral Shuffle Drills The exercises below are great for building lateral shuffle motor programming. 1. Resisted Step Outs- Band on lower leg (leg furthest from attachment) – aggressively step out with just the furthest leg. This trains the inside leg to create positive push off angles and how to use the hips to create lateral

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Speed and Quickness in the Real World

Being a sports performance mentor, I receive many questions and I absolutely love answering them. One particular question was regarding landing technique and how it should be performed. The question related to how hard or soft the landing should be in terms of foot contact with the ground surface. There are a couple ways to

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