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In My Speed Toolbox, You Will Have ALL ACCESS to Programs, Workouts, Templates, Articles, Videos, Presentation Outlines, Live Online Webinars, and More – All in One Place! Plus, Daily New Videos and Engagement with Me Inside My Private Community… EVERYDAY!

Why Speed Toolbox?

With the Speed Toolbox, you have immediate access to my Comprehensive Speed Performance Library that will quickly move your athletes, business, clinics, or camps to a 5-star rating.

Anytime, Anywhere…

With 24/7 access, you have a wealth of exercises, drills, templates, guides, publications, and videos built from hours of working with thousands of athletes and coaches of all levels.

Here is just some of what is included in the Speed Toolbox…

  • Strength training programs for your athletes.
  • Speed training methods and strategies for the beginner to professional.
  • Warm-up exercises for individuals or teams.
  • Articles describing different methods of training.
  • Hours and hours of video footage and tutorials on detailed skill training and development.
  • Jumping and plyometric information which allows you to select what’s appropriate for your athletes.

Exclusive and Private Community

I have created a community to share new teaching videos, training tips, and advice. Most importantly, a place to answer urgent questions and give immediate feedback. The toolbox private community page is worth its weight in gold. It’s also a place to share some of my current projects. You receive first access to much of my insider information.

Instructional Videos and Short Clips

The Speed Guy” caught on film! Get a front-row seat to a vault of underground footage of my original introduction of multi-directional speed concepts from decades ago. Plus, watch new, never seen video tutorials and instructions on improving your athletes’ speed and your overall performance.

Presentation Outlines and PowerPoints

An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the very same presentation outlines, handouts, and PowerPoints I have used when teaching parents, athletes, coaches, physical therapists, and all other fitness professionals my proven systems, techniques, and strategies of multi-directional speed training. Also included are outlines of the many camps I have organized and instructed.

Workouts, Programs, and Templates

With my Speed Toolbox All Access, get an up-close look inside the original programs, workouts, and templates I created for the individual athletes and teams I have trained to become faster, quicker, and more explosive.

Monthy Online Webinars

Get a front-row seat to online, and in-depth teaching modules on my training principles, concepts, and methodologies as they relate to speed and performance training. Topics will include programming for multi-directional speed, youth vs. elite modifications, kinetic training considerations for loading for speed, coaching skills and the considerations needed to support learning, and so much more.

Articles, Reports, and Guides

Read an endless collection of my recent and archived publications. Included are some of the very same articles, reports, and guides that revolutionized the speed industry with my innovative approach to multi-directional speed.

“Lee Taft is a pioneer in the sports performance world. His work with multi-directional training was and is revolutionary. I consider him to be a mentor and one of the biggest influences on me as a sports performance coach. The RYPT program highly reflects his work. I look forward to continuing to learn from Lee.”

Bobby Smith


Speed Insiders Toolbox!

Coaching is About Constantly Sharpening Your Tools of the Trade. The Speed Toolbox Allows You to Do That with My Proven Resources to Improve your Athletes’ Speed and Performance.


Speed Toolbox!

What is so Unique About the Speed Toolbox?

I took a lot of time searching through my current and archived resources stored on my computers and clouds.  After I was finished sorting through all of the files, I knew immediately what I needed to do with them. If I want to reach all different types of fitness professionals, parents, and athletes by improving overall athleticism, I needed to share ALL of it! Holding onto this information only serves me, and I have always been about serving others.

Here is more of what I will share with you…

  • Sport-specific methods making a huge difference in delivering success.
  • Information on how to run and organize speed camps and clinics.
  • Business information that no-one talks about and uses to get an edge in schools and clubs.
  • Marketing strategies that are out of the box but incredibly simple to use and gain results.
  • Multi-directional speed tools that will set the story straight on how human movement occurs.
  • Max velocity sprinting resources to create clarity.
  • And, so much more….

Speed Insiders Toolbox!

“When I first got into the industry, the first-person people would speak about when it came to speed was Lee Taft. 10+ years later, he is STILL the first-person people talk about when it comes to speed. His principles and methods have helped hundreds of athletes in my own gym achieve next-level performance.”

Wil Fleming



  • Sports coaches who are trying to be everything to everybody.
  • Strength coaches who are so busy there is hardly time to research how to improve your skills.
  • Therapists in need of strategies to help athletes return to play.
  • Trainers wanting to help clients become more effective movers.
  • Physical education teachers with a desire to implement sound training into the curriculum.
  • Parents wishing to give their children performance training to help them develop.
  • Exercise Science students with a desire to acquire the knowledge it takes to land a job.
  • Kinesiology professor implementing proper multi-directional speed into the course work.

Speed Insiders Toolbox!

I Searched Through My Current, Recent, and Archived Resources to Give Full Access of My Resources to All Different Professionals, Parents, and Athletes.


Speed Insiders Toolbox!

Save Time by Quickly Finding the Tools in
Easy to Find Categories…..

  • Strength
  • Warm-Up/Preparation
  • Multi-Directional Speed (Lateral Speed & Linear Speed)
  • Max Velocity
  • Mobility
  • Jumping/Plyometric
  • Sports Specific
  • Speed Camp and Clinic Design
  • Business

Speed Insiders Toolbox!

“Lee Taft is a guy that has been absolutely integral in my development as a physical preparation coach. While I’ve always been comfortable around the weights, a topic like speed and agility requires someone to mentor you, and in many ways, Lee has been that mentor for me.”

Mike Robertson


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Speed Insiders Toolbox!


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