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with the “Speed Guy,” Lee Taft’s JumpStart Speed Clinic

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How will Athletes Improve Speed with a JumpStart Clinic?

  • Athletes will be instructed not only on the “HOW” but also the “WHY.” Athletes will walk away with empowerment.
  • Athletes will learn to sharpen their cutting and change of direction.
  • Athletes will discover acceleration, in any direction, is a product of body position and where to push.
  • The exact same techniques that will increase their change of direction ability will drastically reduce the potential for silly ankle sprains and knee injuries.
  • Athletes will understand how “reacting” from the proper posture and stance setup will allow them to explode out of their stance so much faster, selling them on doing things the right way!

Who better to show you how to gain unstoppable speed than

“The Speed Guy” himself, Lee Taft? 


Since the early ’90s, I have directed hundreds of camps and clinics. Through these experiences, I have discovered the pros and cons of the various styles and systems. I made notes of what coaches and athletes wanted and, better yet, needed.

If you are the type of coach who is ALWAYS striving to help athletes grow and get the necessary speed training to reach unlimited capabilities…

Then you’re in the right place…

Hi, I’m Lee Taft.

In sports performance circles, I’m widely known as “The Speed Guy” and respected as one of the top athletic movement specialists in the world. 

For over 35 years, I’ve trained athletes of all ages and abilities and taught my multi-directional speed methods to top performance coaches and fitness professionals worldwide.

Here’s why this is important for you:

Speed is ESSENTIAL for ALL Athletes – Athletes Today Are Bigger, Faster, Quicker.

As a result, I took all my systems, strategies, drills, and skills and eliminated low-return components.

Basically, I removed “the fluff” and injected all high-quality power-packed information that has a deep impact.

In doing so, I deliver the most powerful “game-changing” techniques and training methods in a shorter time. Two things happened due to this restructuring:

  • I constructed a system that allowed much greater athlete retention of the skills they learned due to the importance of the techniques and their personal performance.
  • I could tap into what I call “The Sweet Spot of Learning.” After many years of trial and error, I found that a 2-hour speed and quickness clinic was about the max for ideal focus and learning absorption by athletes. After this amount of time, they lose focus, and the important information being coached becomes lost.

Here is a Quick Clinic Overview…

youth athletes warming up in a gym


  • Discover why performing the 180-Series is critical for athleticism, body awareness, and spatial orientation.
  • How to use a dynamic Roll and Reach exercise to increase lateral mobility, range, and stability.
  • Why using 7 specific deceleration patterns will prepare the body for a training session, practice, or game.
  • Learn how and why form running exercises should be executed.
female athletes on football field

7 Patterns

You’ll learn the models of these essential 7 patterns and how to include variations for general and specific development.

  • Linear Acceleration
  • Max Velocity Sprinting
  • Lateral Shuffle
  • Lateral Run
  • Hip Turn
  • Jump
athletes drilling change of direction

Change of Direction

Master the important postures, positions, and angles of force application to become quicker in all change of direction moves.

  • Lateral Change of Directions
  • T-Step Training to Improve Change of Direction
  • 180 change of direction using angled stop and more.
athletes escaping and attacking space to move from apponent

Escape & Attack Space

Quick athletes can escape their current space and attack new space in a split second with great footwork.

  • Hip Turn Series
  • Mistake Response
  • Continuous Hip Turn

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