Lateral Gait

Load Early to Maximize Lateral Speed

In typical programming, we want to start using light weights or bodyweight as the maximal intensity. This makes sense in certain aspects of training, especially for strength training. We can gain great performance in lateral speed development by loading early and reducing load later in the training phase. When placing a band around an athlete

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Segmental Training for the Lateral Shuffle

Lateral Shuffle Drills The exercises below are great for building lateral shuffle motor programming. 1. Resisted Step Outs- Band on lower leg (leg furthest from attachment) – aggressively step out with just the furthest leg. This trains the inside leg to create positive push off angles and how to use the hips to create lateral

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Linear Acceleration Progression

Here is an example of how to segment and progress an acceleration program. Acceleration Program Outline The chart below outlines the different linear acceleration phases and gives some examples of exercises in that phase. As you can see, I always start by teaching and developing the pattern. Next, I increase force production of that pattern

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