Lee Taft, known to most simply as “The Speed Guy”, is highly respected as one of the top athletic movement specialists in the world. In the last 30 years he has devoted the majority of his time training multi-directional speed to all ages and abilities. He has spent much of this time teaching his multi-directional speed methods to top performance coaches and fitness professionals all over the world. Lee has also dedicated countless hours mentoring up and coming sports performance trainers, many who have gone into the profession and made a big impact themselves.

Since 1989, Lee has taught foundation movement to beginning youngsters and helped young amateur athletes to professional athletes become quicker, faster, and stronger. Lee’s entire philosophy is based on one of his most notable quotes, Learning athletic movement correctly from the start is the foundation for athletic success.”

With the release of Ground Breaking Athletic Movement in 2003, Lee revolutionized the fitness industry with his movement techniques for multi-directional speed. His innovative approach to training has impacted how athletic movement speed is taught. Lee brought to light the importance and fine points of the “Plyo Step”, “Hip Turn”, “Directional Crossover Step” and athletic stance. According to Lee, “Speed and agility done right is about making sure we marry the natural movements athletes have with effective and efficient body control to maximize speed and quickness”.

Lee has been asked to speak at numerous strength and conditioning and sports performance events across the world and has produced numerous instructional videos and courses in the area of multi-directional speed and movement training. In addition, Lee has written several eBooks specifically on movement techniques and speed development.

Who Lee Has Worked With

Lee has had the opportunity to coach, train, and speak to numerous notable people and organizations throughout his career. The tabs below show a highlight of his involvement through various engagements in different ways.

Speaking EngagementsWorkshopsConsultingTeamsTrainer of Individual Athletes
  • NFL Combine Seminar
  • NBA Strength and Conditioning Coaches Workshop
  • NSCA TSAC Conference
  • NSCA Sports Specific Clinic on Baseball Speed in California
  • NSCA Coaches Conference
  • NSCA National Conferences
  • CSCCa National Conferences
  • NSCA Ohio State Clinic
  • NSCA Indiana State Clinic
  • NSPA Conferences
  • Perform Better Summits
  • Camp Gladiator Summit, TX
  • Athletes Acceleration Speed and Power Summits
  • Physical Preparation Summit
  • Sandford Power Summit, Sioux Falls, SD
  • Midwest Performance Enhancement Seminars
  • Indiana State Strength and Conditioning Clinic
  • Hawaii Strength Coach Conference
  • Basketball Specific Strength and Conditioning Symposium,
  • UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Basketball Specific Strength and Conditioning Symposium, Las Vegas
  • St. Vincent Sports Performance Strength and Conditioning Summit
  • Athlete’s Performance/EXOS Performance Mentorships Phase 4
  • Munciana Volleyball Coaches Clinic
  • Basketball Super Conference in Vancouver, Canada
  • Indiana Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance
  • New York Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance
  • Reebok Easter Bowl Tennis Tournament at the Doral
  • Oklahoma City Thunder Performance Staff
  • Boston Celtics Performance Staff
  • Philadelphia Phillies Performance Staff
  • University of Texas Strength and Conditioning Staff
  • Ole Miss Strength Strength and Conditioning Staff
  • University of Arizona Strength and Conditioning Staff
  • Indiana University Strength and Conditioning Staff
  • Sports Surgery Clinic, Dublin, Ireland
  • Kinetikos, Japan
  • VigorGround, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • PreFormance.co.kr, South Korea
  • Game Changer Sports Performance Staff, NJ
  • Park City High School and Community Health & Fitness Coalition
  • Purdue University Strength and Conditioning Staff
  • University of Louisville Strength and Conditioning Staff
  • Equinox Fitness Clubs (NYC and Chicago)
  • Iceland Basketball Coaches Federation (Strength/Conditioning)
  • Cincinnati Bengal Strength & Conditioning staff
  • Colts Strength and Conditioning staff
  • Baylor University Women’s Basketball Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Auburn University Women’s Basketball Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Ball State University Strength and Conditioning Coaches
  • Strength and Speed Coach Consultant for Union College Football Program
  • Strength and Speed Coach for Adirondack Ice Hawks Professional Hockey Team
  • Strength and Speed Coach for Bollettieri’s Tennis Academy
  • Strength and Speed Coach for Palmer Tennis Academy
  • Strength and Conditioning for the University of Kentucky Tennis Program
  • Trainer for Division II Saint Rose Basketball Program
  • Jimmer Fredette- NBA
  • Brendan Harris- MLB
  • Jared Palmer- Professional Tennis player- Wimbledon Doubles Champ
  • Angelica Galvadon- Professional Tennis Player- #1 Player in Mexico, Top 30 World
  • Rachel Jensen- Professional Tennis Player
  • Multiple State Champion Track and Field Athletes
  • National Top 50 Junior Tennis Player Ian Landwehr
  • Scott Paltrowitz- Division 1 and Professional Tennis Player
  • Mike Vanschaick, Division 1 Basketball Player Fairfield University
  • Tommy Freeman, D1 Basketball Player, Miami of Ohio and Overseas Pro
  • Zach Hahn, Division 1 Basketball Player, Butler University
  • Consulted/ work on NFL Combine with Luke Black, Fairmont State, Arena Football

Speed Insiders 6-Month Course

The SI Academy is a 6-month curriculum. The day you sign up is the day you begin your first module. Every week you will receive a new topic. Each week you will receive a video detailing the new module information. You will also receive a training sheet with the purpose of highlight the important points of the module and document vital information.

By the time your 6-months course is completed you will have a strong foundation in multi-directional speed training, including coaching and managing teams.

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