Coach Reality Not Perception

Reality or Perception?

In all areas of coaching (sport skill or training), it is so important to actually see and know what occurs versus going off perceptions and current ideas that are driven from coaches comments.

Far too often we do not perform our own in-depth visual assessments and watch what actually occurs when an athlete moves or performs a skill. We just take the word of past coaches who said “this is how its done”.

Regardless of if it is laziness or just not knowing where to look, poor coaching is passed on because of not making sure we “SEE” what is actually occurring versus regurgitating ill-informed advice.

When sharing your coaching of skills to athletes it is so important to understand:

1. Know biomechanics of movement and how efficiency supports the skill execution.

2. Understand loading and action reaction forces so you can understand why and athlete naturally (without being told to do so) moves a certain way.

3. The influence a live reactive play has on how the athlete moves his or her body.

4. The impact greater momentum forces plays when an athlete changes direction and how the plant angles and body positions reactively adjust.

Train Smart!
Lee Taft

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