Lee Taft Speed Workshop

Lee Taft’s Full Day Workshop

Lee Taft Speed WorkshopThis option is available for local or distant presentations and can be scheduled for 4-5 hours in length per day. Additional days can be added.

With Lee’s highly dynamic Full Day Workshop, you won’t be sitting in a chair all day listening to someone speak. Lee will involve you in a learning based approach on a practical, lecture and open discussion format. Lee’s workshops are set up to give you as much learning and experience as possible. You will walk away having an energized approach to training and gain the practical knowledge to make it happen.

Presentations can include the following:

  • Complete warm up system.
  • Neuromuscular system priming with Fast Feet Training Methods.
  • Multi-directional speed deceleration techniques.
  • How to implement Lee’s powerful Medicine Ball Fake Throw Program.
  • How to use Low Box Training to masterfully change how athletes change force absorption and production angles.
  • How to assess and measure athletes with fun and effective testing models.
  • How to use stability landings to train athletes to quickly gain athletic stiffness for great body control.
  • Proper jumping and landing training.
  • Using Tag and speed games to create competitive speed atmosphere to instantly assess efficient movement.
  • Strength training program and lifting technique workshop is upon request.
  • Other areas of speed development can be included upon request.

“Lee Taft is a student of athletic movement and is blessed with the ability to see through the complexity of the limitless variations of on field movements that occur in sport and find the common skills that allow for success. The workshop he put on for our staff really drove home the point that coaching movement is about “skills not drills”. He gave us a new perspective on what to look for when watching athletes perform in their sport and during workouts and how we can better tie the two together by creating situations in training that are more competitive, natural and realistic but still require specific technical execution and coaching. We took away concepts that we can easily apply immediately make our off season training more effective.”

-Paul Jackson, Director of Football S&C, Ole Miss Rebels

“Lee performed a two day course at our facility last year. We are a Physical Therapy and Fitness company with multiple locations. He designed a lecture that was pertinent to the Physical Therapist and our Personal Trainers. His knowledge, understanding, enthusiasm and most important his ability to breakdown human movement into simplistic forms made this weekend course truly amazing. We still use many of the exercises, concepts and teaching methods that we learned that weekend. If you are thinking about having Lee come to your facility you couldn’t ask for a better speaker and deliver of this information. He is the Best!”

-Greg Besson, MSPT, Partner at Moore Physical Therapy and Fitness

“Lee Taft is my go-to guy when it comes to multi-directional and true “sports speed” development. Other guys can build get track athletes, but I’m not sure there’s anyone better than Lee when it comes to teaching how to be fast on the court or field.

The best part about Lee is that he’s developed a true system. This isn’t one-size-fits-all – it’s a system that includes progressions and regressions to make sure each and every athlete is getting the best possible result.

Quite simply, I can’t recommend anyone more highly than Lee Taft.”

– Mike Robertson, Strength Coach, Speaker, Consultant, Co-Owner of IFAST

“Lee delivered a great hands-on training session for our coaches that helped us refine our multi-directional speed movement curriculum. Walking though Lee’s teaching progressions for developing and improving multi-directional speed was very valuable for us. We look forward to continuing the relationship we have established with him.”

– Teena Murray, Sr. Director, Athlete Health & Performance, Sacramento Kings

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