Strength Training For Athletes

Strength Training For Athletes Should Be About:

1. Safe Productive Strength- It’s not the program. Too many people hang their hat on the type of program they use rather than the goal of providing results. Simple and to the point.

2. Efficiency- Don’t make the program look great on paper but look awful when performed.

3. Simplicity – If you have to spend all your time showing how to perform the exercises again and again, then it may be the exercise, not the athlete.

4. Adaptability- Can you adjust and adapt to not skip a beat? If it is too crowded to perform bar lifts on a given day can you quickly adapt to DB or BW?

5. Strength– Even early on when athletes are just learning you can adjust the tempo to create time under tension and elicit strength gains with BW training. Don’t miss an opportunity to get stronger just because they are learning.

6. Purpose- If the athletes know the “WHY” to go along with the “How”, then they will self-correct and self-direct more often.

Train Smart!


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