Snap Shuffle

Whenever we talk about coaching a movement skill, we need to follow a framework or a model. This allows consistency and a way to know what’s right and what’s not.

For instance, with a typical Defensive Basketball Shuffle, the athlete needs to complete a full lateral gait cycle when speed is the goal. The athlete’s movement is “push, pull, recovery, and repeat.”

What should be seen is both feet recovering right under the hips to finish the gait cycle. We want a lot of distance covered and players in a strong, solid stance.

The Snap-Shuffle, on the other hand, is a little different. It’s often a great defensive tool for post players- especially hedging on a ball screen or getting around an offensive post player when they receiver a lob or lead post pass.

The Snap-Shuffle is a much quicker foot action and a less powerful shuffle model. The Gait Cycle still occurs; it’s just the player steps and recovers very quickly to cover a short distance in a strong but taller position. In other words, they are not sitting down in a defensive stance.

I refer to it as the Snap-Shuffle because the back foot pushes quickly and snaps right back under the hips to push again if needed. We don’t want long lateral strides like when guarding a point guard full court.

The Snap-Shuffle is needed to get the defender in the pathway of the opponent very quickly and recover back very quickly as well. For example, if a post defender is playing hard-hedge coverage on a pick and roll, as soon as the guard comes off the screen, the post defender will snap-shuffle quickly to force the ball handler to bounce out away from the basket. The post defender must quickly shuffle back or turn and run to help on a post-dive to the rim.

The footwork is “quick-quick,” not “long and quick.” It’s similar to a fencer on an attack of their opponent – quick attacking footwork to attack yet retreat just as quickly.

In my upcoming Certified Basketball Speed Specialist course, I dive into the snap-shuffle and more details of the different shuffle techniques that help defenders become masterful movers on the hardwood.

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