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Hey Athletes!

Join me for FULL, no-interruption training sessions. Simply watch the full workout when it fits your schedule by clicking on the recorded video. It is like having me at your home, coaching you every step of the way.

These workouts are NO JOKE! You and I will be training for 45-60 plus minutes!

You are not given 10 or 15 2- minute workouts that barely get you in a sweat. I have you moving as if you were in one of my speed training sessions! I want you to see results; I know YOU do, too!

IT’S YOUR CHOICE…You and I will train together for 2 or 3 days per week over the next 8 weeks. I designed this virtual speed program for either an M-W-F or T-Th-S schedule. If you chose the 2-day per week option, you wouldn’t hit the third workout.

Here is what is included in the FULL training session…

  • Preparation Period to get YOU ready to attack the workout.
  • Medicine Ball Roll and Reach Series, plus Multi-Planar Lunge and Reach Series.
  • A high focus on core training to build a rock-solid foundation.
  • Upper Body Power using Medicine Ball and Tubing
  • Lower Body Power and Elastic Training
  • Linear and Lateral Acceleration and Speed Training
  • Change of Direction Quickness and Attack Skills
  • Conditioning
  • Strength Training Exercises
  • Mobility and Recovery

Because this is an 8-week program, the first couple weeks will build your capacity to handle more powerful workouts from week #3 on…

There will be some exercises you must do in the first couple of weeks to set the foundation, and then those exercises will peel away and be replaced with higher-demand, more intense exercises.


I included them in the program for a reason.

You Have Two Options:

Option #1- Athletic Development Program

  • Train 2-days per week
  • 8 sessions per month
  • Fee…ONLY $280
  • 8 Week Program

Option #2- Competitive Athletic Development Program

  • Train 3-days per week
  • 12 sessions per month
  • Fee…ONLY $320
  • 8 Week Program

workout with lee!

Athletes have traveled around the country to train with me; however, YOU don’t have to leave your home gym or local fitness center. Just click on the video, and we’ll train together!


Speed Insiders Toolbox!

Have You Ever Worked Out Along Side The Speed Guy?

If you are a young athlete just getting started with training or a highly competitive elite athlete… the concepts, training strategies, and methods of these workouts will be easily geared to meet your current level. Intensity, volume, and pace can be adjusted to meet your current needs!

I will not only be training hard with you; I will also be coaching you on the details and emphasizing the important technical aspects that will make the difference in you becoming a high-level athletic mover!

Enough Talk…

You are either up for training or not!

Speed Insiders Toolbox

Are YOU Reaching Current Goals?

Right now, my goal is to help you reach your athletic goals. I don’t want anything to get in the way of that…especially not being able to afford my coaching and consulting. Typically, $150/per session for 1-on-1 in-person training is only going to be less than 18 bucks per session.

Times are tough. I will not allow you to stop training with a professional because money is tight.

No Excuses!

No Time to Waste!

Let’s Go….

Let’s get down to business. Here are the MUST-HAVE pieces of equipment to make your workout more successful. No worries if you do not have access to these and cannot get to a store to purchase them! The training can still be done in full force.


If you don’t bring your A-Game, I will kick your butt in each and every drill. Why do you ask? Because I never stop training. I train to stay athletic, to stay fast, and to stay strong!

Speed Train with Lee

Here is the List of Recommended Equipment…

  • Lacrosse Ball (or tennis ball)
  • Medicine Ball weighing between 4lb to 8lbs (4lb, 6lb, or 8lb medicine ball)
  • Two 40-inch Superbands (Ideally a light pair and medium pair)
  • Optional- handled tubing for rowing, pressing, and core use. (40-inch Superbands will do the job, too!)
  • Five Cones (dome soccer cones or regular 9-inch)
  • Tennis Ball
  • One or two single kettlebells. (a heavier kettlebell for lower body exercises and a lighter kettlebell to perform upper body exercises)
  • Timing System (stopwatch, your wristwatch, phone timer, or iPad timer)

**Virtually all the equipment listed you can purchase at a big box store or sporting goods near you.**

Speed train with lee!

All YOU Have to do is Lace’em Up, Train Smart, Train Tough, and Train with Purpose to be Prepared!

Speed Train with Lee!

Wish List Equipment if You Have Access…

  • Olympic Bar with Plates
  • Squat Rack
  • Bench Press
  • Dumbbells

As the weeks progress, I will demonstrate some workouts with the bigger equipment while showing how to perform the same training without this equipment.

Speed Train with Lee

You have NO EXCUSES to stay ready, to be ready, and to lead the charge for your teammates. TRAIN WITH ME!

Let’s Get to Work!

Speed Train with Lee!

Don’t back off your training! It is a great time to train from home and really get after it while keeping yourself safe and performing at a high level!

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