Building a Basketball Speed Philosophy

Building a Basketball Speed Philosophy It’s funny to think about is how hard coaches work on their X’s and O’s but completely miss how they want their players’ footwork to be performed. Not all coaches fall into this category, but a lot do. Many basketball coaches will use “motivation” to get their players to move

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Snap Shuffle

Whenever we talk about coaching a movement skill, we need to follow a framework or a model. This allows consistency and a way to know what’s right and what’s not. For instance, with a typical Defensive Basketball Shuffle, the athlete needs to complete a full lateral gait cycle when speed is the goal. The athlete’s

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Importance of Rebounder Training

Why Rebounder Training? Having owned and operated several speed academies since 1994, I have experience with many different types of training tools. A good coach knows a training tool is to serve a purpose. It certainly isn’t to build your philosophy around. I have been known for being extremely resourceful when it comes to using

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basketball conditioning drill with banc

Basketball Conditioning Drills

When I first began coaching basketball,  I developed a set of basketball conditioning drills for my players. I called them the “Final Four” of basketball conditioning drills. There are four drills that are completed on a time frame which somewhat mimic basketball speed, but are slightly longer in duration compared to a normal sequence of plays,

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