Lee Taft Speed and Performance Retreat

Lee Taft’s 3-Day Speed and Performance Retreat

Experiencing this small group setting is unlike any seminar or clinic out there! Spend three days as a guest in Lee’s home immersed in  sharing ideas, learning from one another, and discovering what our eyes see during speed assessment modules.

Only 7 are invited to attend each retreat. This helps maintain the small, intimate group setting.


  • Lectures will include power point presentations, along with video analysis and breakdown.
  • Hands-on practical application.
  • Instructional practice to polish in your teaching skills, cuing, and assessment ability.
  • Participate in multiple warm up routines, active walk-talks, and sprint mechanic sessions.
    Guest presenters.
  • Earn a certificate as a Multi-Directional Speed Instructor (MDS-I).
  • Receive a binder with detailed information of everything we cover over the retreat.
  • Receive a gift bag with awesome surprises!
  • All meals will be served at our home, as well as snacks and smoothies.

Lecture/Power Point

Each day we will have discussion on topics ranging from coaching methods, biomechanics, evaluation of speed via video, programming, cuing and feedback, and more…


Throughout the three days, you will be coached and required to participate in all multi-directional speed patterns and sprint mechanics. Patterns such as linear and lateral acceleration and deceleration, change of direction mechanics, retreating patterns and mechanics, jumping and landing variations and sequences, max velocity mechanics, and posture work.

You will also be coached and required to participate in various strength patterns in order to have a complete understanding of movement efficiency.


Every morning and afternoon you will participate in 20-minute routines designed to educate, but also prepare your body and mind for a long day of learning and activity. We will perform various mobility, core, stability, activation, and low-level strength.

Guest Presenter(s)

Lee will line up professionals to speak to for 45-60 minutes sessions.

Possible topics include:

  • The use of KB training for the HS Athletes
  • Velocity Based Training
  • Teaching the Deadlift.

Additional Information

Please contact lee@leetaft.com for dates, additional details, retreat fee.

“Lee’s retreat was one of the best educational experiences I’ve had. His honest and authentic approach emphasizes mastering the fundamental movements that apply to all athletes regardless of sport. The way he taught us how to assess, identify, and correct mechanical deficiencies during speed and agility work is something I have been able to put into practice immediately. I highly recommend this retreat to any coach or therapist regardless of what population you work with!”

– Dr. Trevor Rappa, Resilient Performance Physical Therapy, New York

“Unlike any other workshop, tons of knowledge and hands on drills along with creative strategies in an atmosphere that is like hanging out with your friends and talking shop! Don’t miss this!”

– Paul Hafner , Head Coach/Owner , Trident Fitness and Performance, New Jersey

“Lee covers a lot of directional speed stuff and went in depth with it as well. The combination of presentation, hands-on, and the learning environment is what makes this retreat so unique. What was beneficial was, we as a group of coaches, would discuss movements and situations we could apply those things in. I came all the way from Israel and it was worth every dollar and every minute I invested. I highly recommend to anyone who appreciates quality.”

– Amir Ashbel, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Israel

“The Speed and performance retreat was one of my highlights of the year! I truly thank lee for being a mentor to me. lee inspires me!”

– Will Lo, Strive Fitness, Hong Kong

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