The Wait is Over, and the Excitement is Back! Spend Two Days with the “Speed Guy” and Improve YOUR Multi-Directional Speed and Performance Coaching Skill Set!

Experiencing this small group setting is unlike any seminar or clinic out there! Spend two days as a guest in Lee’s home, immersed in sharing ideas, learning from one another, and discovering what our eyes see during speed assessment modules.

Only 10 Spots are Available. This helps maintain the small, intimate group setting.


  • Lectures will include PowerPoint presentations, along with video analysis and breakdown.
  • Hands-on practical application.
  • Instructional practice to polish your teaching skills, cuing, and assessment ability.
  • Participate in multiple warm-up routines and sprint mechanic sessions.
  • Receive a binder with detailed information on everything we cover over the retreat.
  • All meals will be served at our home.

Ask the Speed Guy

Because the retreat is so intimate, every attendee can ask the questions they need the most help with. Lee specializes in answering the questions to fit every attendee’s situation. That’s the beauty of small numbers.

Also, the quality of experience and knowledge of the attendees makes it, so everyone learns from one another.

When and Where?

Lee’s Home in Florida

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See You in the Speed Cave!

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What the Day Look Like

The retreat kicks off at 9 am with breakfast at the Taft’s home and includes a PowerPoint presentation about the principles, methods, and techniques of Lee’s coaching philosophy. The rest of the afternoon is comprised of practical experiences, demonstrating, and sampling of the movements to gain valuable context. Lunch is included. The day wraps up with dinner together at the Taft’s Home.

Day 2 begins similar to the first day with a 9 am breakfast at the Taft’s home and ends with lunch at the Taft’s house at 1 pm.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • 7 Movement Patterns
  • Low Box Series
  • 180- Series
  • Reactive Tier System
  • Medicine Ball Fake Throws
  • 3-Phase Declaration
  • And, Much More


Throughout the two days, you will be coached and required to participate in all multi-directional speed patterns and sprint mechanics. Patterns such as linear and lateral acceleration and deceleration, change of direction mechanics, retreating patterns and mechanics, jumping and landing variations and sequences, max velocity mechanics, and posture work.

You will also be coached and required to participate in various strength patterns in order to have a complete understanding of movement efficiency.

Here Are Some Examples of How Lee’s Methods Help Coaches Simplify the Coaching Process

  • Skills like acceleration, deceleration, change of direction, moving laterally, or retreating all have specific MODELS. Once you identify their models you figure out what makes them tick!
  • ESCAPING and ATTACKING space is a multi-directional speed goal. It’s a determinant of success or failure when attempting to make a play. Understanding what makes escaping and attacking effectively instantly improves speed and quickness. You look like a genius!
  • Understanding live game-speed CHANGE OF DIRECTION is monitored by the eyes and administered by the body. Athletes are recalling their past history of the movement to choose the correct Agility. 
  • SUMMARY FEEDBACK speeds up the learning process of skills and tactics for athletes due to them being personally involved in their performance assessment. 
  • Training one major movement skill, with several variations of that skill, in a session elevates how well the information sticks. Athletes feel like they had a WIN every session. 
  • Seeing the value of REPOSITIONING the feet when establishing appropriate push-off angles for acceleration and deceleration.

Here is What A Few Past Attendees Had to Say…

And, Here is What Even More Coaches Had to Say…

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Pay In Full

$TBA/ single payment

Two Payments

$TBA/ payment

See You in the Speed Cave!

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