Speed Training

Lee Taft’s Ground Breaking Techniques

Lee Taft’s Ground Breaking 2 will make you into the guru on coaching athletic speed. Not only will you be able to evaluate athletic skills such as; many forms of cutting, acceleration, deceleration/change of direction, jumping/landing, first step quickness in any direction, lateral speed mechanics, tactical quickness, retreating skills, and so much more, you will …

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Multi-Directional Speed Movement Concepts and Implementation

Over the past years I have been blessed to visit colleges and spend time with their strength and conditioning staff working on multi-directional speed concepts, strategies and techniques. We have had great success in building successful approaches. The area I want to impact at the college level is the Physical Education, Exercises Science, Health and …

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A Great Acceleration Drill

There are hundreds and hundreds of different acceleration drills you could choose from to improve starting and acceleration quickness, but I have one that creates great results… Acceleration Drill – Band Resisted 3 Cone Read & React: 1. Each athlete has a band around their waist; a band with the appropriate resistance for each one. …

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Segmental Training for the Lateral Shuffle

Lateral Shuffle Drills The exercises below are great for building lateral shuffle motor programming. 1. Resisted Step Outs- Band on lower leg (leg furthest from attachment) – aggressively step out with just the furthest leg. This trains the inside leg to create positive push off angles and how to use the hips to create lateral …

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Linear Acceleration Progression

Here is an example of how to segment and progress an acceleration program. Acceleration Program Outline The chart below outlines the different linear acceleration phases and gives some examples of exercises in that phase. As you can see, I always start by teaching and developing the pattern. Next, I increase force production of that pattern …

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Speed and Quickness in the Real World

Being a sports performance mentor, I receive many questions and I absolutely love answering them. One particular question was regarding landing technique and how it should be performed. The question related to how hard or soft the landing should be in terms of foot contact with the ground surface. There are a couple ways to …

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How to Use Jump Training in Your Program

Jump training or plyometric training is always a hot topic. It certainly deserve discussion whenever it is brought up. In my opinion, it is not being used properly and my opinion is based on many years of training athletes and seeing the results. Let me explain… Jumping is a Skill The issue that concerns me …

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