Teaching Olympic Lifting to Young Athletes

Why I like teaching Olympic Lifting to Youngsters?

The reason I love teaching Olympic lifting to young athletes, keep in mind this is taught with sticks/pvc pipe/training bars….

1. Olympic lifting is a movement skill that helps to stack their foundation of movement patterns even higher.

2. Olympic lifting allows for full range of motion. If they can’t then it became a great assessment tool.

3. Olympic lifting teaches kids a disciplined form of triple extension…followed by a disciplined form of squatting and receiving the bar.

4. There is a systematic progression to build coordination and summation of parts.

5. Olympic lifting is a great way to build confidence through accomplishment.

6. From a coaching standpoint, teaching Olympic lifting to young athletes is a trainable skill and it challenges the coaches cuing ability, feedback component, and adjustment plan/coaching.

Like I always say…”know why you are doing it and keep it safe”!

You can easily introduce Olympic lifting skills to athletes as young as 8 years old.

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