Speed Training

girl running and touching cones

Three Simple Speed Cutting Techniques

Below I have listed three of several speed cutting techniques athletes must become proficient at in order to improve performance and reduce injury potential. Let’s Take A Closer Look Cutting is an example of a natural repositioning movement which allows the athletes to quickly use an appropriate angle to change the path of the body. […]

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girl running backwards

4 Tips For Greater Backwards Acceleration

Simply Google ‘Acceleration’ and you will find hundreds, if not thousands of articles. Type Google  Backwards Acceleration and you will find a completely different response. If we look at athletes that play sports, like basketball, tennis, baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer, etc., you will notice that players often become disorganized when traveling backwards. Moving backwards isn’t

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Importance of Rebounder Training

Why Rebounder Training? Having owned and operated several speed academies since 1994, I have experience with many different types of training tools. A good coach knows a training tool is to serve a purpose. It certainly isn’t to build your philosophy around. I have been known for being extremely resourceful when it comes to using

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