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Warm Up and Movement Preparation

The purpose of the warm up and movemement preparation system for our adolescent athletes is to: Improve neurological firing (proprioception and kinesthetic awareness) Correct any postural or length tension issues before training Increase blood flow to increase body temperature and increase muscle and joint function. Increase the sympathetic nervous system for heighten awareness Increase range

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Multi-Directional Speed

Athletic Development Strength Energy System Multi-Directional Speed When we look at these three areas of athletic development; strength, energy system, and multi-directional speed we must understand that the first two easily follow a progressive overload method. It is about continually putting stress on the systems to increase results. We can’t blindly say this about multi-directional

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Guided Discovery

Guided Discovery Fits Development of Kids I can remember taking a PE Theory class in college and the concept of Guided Discovery was taught. It is one concept that impacted my teaching and coaching more than any other. If you watch youngsters play, you will see they are in a constant state of discovering something

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A Great Acceleration Drill

There are hundreds and hundreds of different acceleration drills you could choose from to improve starting and acceleration quickness, but I have one that creates great results… Acceleration Drill – Band Resisted 3 Cone Read & React: 1. Each athlete has a band around their waist; a band with the appropriate resistance for each one.

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