Cues for Lateral Acceleration into Linear Acceleration

Yesterday’s workout focused on immediate lateral acceleration for one stride (Lateral Gait) into linear acceleration. Cues: Active feet early so reposition can take place and accelerate with power and quickness. Allow shoulders to direct the power from legs during linear acceleration- poor shoulders poor acceleration.  Proper plant angles to control mass and momentum and direction

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4 “Outside the Box” Learning Keys for Athletes

Certainly, there are the obvious learning areas needed to help the learning process. Things like: learning styles, delivery of information and so on… However, there are four critical, not so obvious, important learning environments: 1. Focused Environment – Is there a lot of noise and distraction that distract your athletes from totally zoning in on

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Strategy for Teaching Speed

A strategy that just might do the trick… Sometimes when teaching athletes a speed and agility skill (new or old skill) you can increase performance by lowering your expectations and explanations and drastically increase the demand on intensity. I have found this strategy to lower “paralysis by analysis” in some athletes as they simply can

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Coaching Your Child

I can’t tell you how many conversations I have had with mothers and fathers about the topic of coaching your own child. I have had many people tell me they believe it is unfair to coach your child due to the expectations put on that child. I have had others tell me they can’t coach

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