Multi-Directional Speed Template

What makes up a simple training template for Multi-Directional Speed Improvement?

    1. Relative Strength and Power Training
    2. Motor Program Patterning

We are always so concerned about how to progress speed skills/drills. There is a need for progression, however, when something is so innate as movement (which speed is) we really don’t need to be overly concerned with exact progressions.


We need to be focused on creating highly efficient movement by practicing correct movement patterns often. For example; once an athlete learns how to shuffle there isn’t much else to do other than challenging the reactive abilities of the athletes to perform the shuffle. We should be adding strength and power, therefore the skill of the shuffle can be more powerful. Once the skill is ingrained, we simply need to rehearse the pattern often to keep it clean.

Adding too much to the movement in terms of resistance or fancy gadgets, will only change the movement. I like to add light resistance bands to reinforce where the force angles and force production should be coming from. However, not too much that I change the movement pattern.

The weight room gives me the horse power and the skill practice gives me the efficiency of movement.

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