4 “Outside the Box” Learning Keys for Athletes

Certainly, there are the obvious learning areas needed to help the learning process. Things like: learning styles, delivery of information and so on…

However, there are four critical, not so obvious, important learning environments:
1. Focused Environment – Is there a lot of noise and distraction that distract your athletes from totally zoning in on your voice and the information being spoken?

2. Personalized Attention- Making sure you personalize your message through various channels like:

  • Say the athletes name
  • Have strong eye contact and connection
  • Show an affinity to the group.

3. Ask questions so the athletes heighten their awareness to the coaching going on.

4. Allow a teaching moments between partners where they must teach each other and then give feedback. This improves learning quickly.

Our jobs, as coaches, are to set our athletes up for success! Discovering how athletes learn best is a great way to give them opportunities for success.

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