Strategy for Teaching Speed

A strategy that just might do the trick…

Sometimes when teaching athletes a speed and agility skill (new or old skill) you can increase performance by lowering your expectations and explanations and drastically increase the demand on intensity.

I have found this strategy to lower “paralysis by analysis” in some athletes as they simply can focus on EFFORT and not so much on all the points of emphasis. Remember, intensity and effort can clean up many mistakes…not always, but often.

The other reason I like using this strategy with basic speed drills is I get a real honest assessment of movement because the athlete was only asked to move with intensity and they didn’t mess up due to over-thinking the skill.

Example: 5-10-5 shuttle or any other kind of short shuttle. After you explain how the drill should be performed, tell the athlete to go as hard as he can and see what you get. If it looks bad then you just got a great look into their dysfunctional speed and agility patterns. But, if they nailed it, then you ingrained a great habit of effort.

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