Strength Training

Multi-Directional Speed

Athletic Development Strength Energy System Multi-Directional Speed When we look at these three areas of athletic development; strength, energy system, and multi-directional speed we must understand that the first two easily follow a progressive overload method. It is about continually putting stress on the systems to increase results. We can’t blindly say this about multi-directional […]

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How to Use Jump Training in Your Program

Jump training or plyometric training is always a hot topic. It certainly deserve discussion whenever it is brought up. In my opinion, it is not being used properly and my opinion is based on many years of training athletes and seeing the results. Let me explain… Jumping is a Skill The issue that concerns me

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Teaching Olympic Lifting to Young Athletes

Why I like teaching Olympic Lifting to Youngsters? The reason I love teaching Olympic lifting to young athletes, keep in mind this is taught with sticks/pvc pipe/training bars…. 1. Olympic lifting is a movement skill that helps to stack their foundation of movement patterns even higher. 2. Olympic lifting allows for full range of motion.

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