Strength Training for Success

I am not going to write about all the various strength training programs and models. I am not going to write about how to use percentages and loading to gain maximal results. And, I am not going to write about which system is best.

BUT, I am going to write about how to strength train properly to be strong and safe.

Today’s post is about the old “Push-Pull” concept. It can be called many things, however, I will explain alternating movement patterns. The “Push-Pull” concept really is simple to understand and for some reason, it is often overlooked. Quite often athletes and coaches become caught up in performing their favorite lift and overtrain while using it.

Strength Training Tips

1. Perform one movement pattern 2 times per week. For example, perform a knee bending (squat/step up…) pattern on Monday and Thursday. On Tuesday and Friday, perform the hip bending (RDL, Bridging…) patterns. This allows recovery for the primary movers in that pattern without over training. The key is to know you body. If you are sore and tired you may only want to perform one of each movement per week. It depends on volume and intensity, as well. The same goes for the other patterns such as; vertical pushing and pulling, horizontal pushing and pulling, and rotational/frontal/sagittal plane core training

2. Alternate your intensities. Don’t always lift heavy with low reps. Each workout for a movement pattern should have a different focus. One day follow a low rep high load and the next workout for that same movement pattern perform a low rep low load with high speed of movement. As well, use a high rep, low/moderate load. This trains the nervous system to adapt and grow.

3. Lift how you feel. Some days you are going to be able to handle more volume than others. You have to read your body and energy levels. Don’t be afraid to adjust. Some days you may feel overtired and sore and may decide not lift at all. The key is to be smart and not train the body when it is simply not going to be receptive.

The above are only a few strength training tips of many. If you at least follow these tips, then you will be strong and safe. The goal is to have continual growth and keep the joints healthy and balanced. You don’t want to overwork any movement pattern causing and unstable joint.

Put these simple strength training tips to practice and be strong!

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