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The Buzz of Variability Training

If you have been in the strength and conditioning field for any length of time, you quickly realize there is an influx of new information always coming in. Some of this information causes a quick and immediate call to action. Then all of a sudden, the pendulum of coaching and training drastically swings. Variability training

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how to evaluate sprinting

How to Evaluate Sprinting

When coaches evaluate sprinting mechanics, what should they look for? Here is a simple template to use when working with multi-directional sport athletes during sprinting. When working with sprinters in track, because this is the track athletes’ skill, be more particular. They don’t decelerate or change direction. They need to maximize linear speed only. Tips

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Athletic Assessment and Evaluation

Athletic Assessment and Evaluation

Five Tips to a Successful Athletic Assessment and Evaluation There is no doubt that completing various forms of assessment will enlighten you and your athletes to what needs to be addressed. I have listed five key tips to improving your assessment process. Tip #1 Functional Movement Screen If you are not familiar with the Functional

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