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How to Improve Your 40 Yard Dash Time

Improve Your 40 Time

I receive many questions on a weekly basis, but this is one I am asked often….

Question: How do I improve my 40 yard dash time?

Just kidding. Well, actually that is what you need to do.
Here are some helpful points to make it happen.

There are several components to improving a pure 40-yard time.

  • The first is to improve the overall amount of strength and power you can apply to the ground. This is going to happen with exercises such as, squats, cleans, lunges, and plyometrics to name a few.
  • The second area to improve is starting technique. It is important to be in a three-point stance with the ankles dorsiflexed (toes turned up), the shins pointing back into the ground, body weight is over the hand that is in contact with the ground and head in a neutral position.
  • The third aspect of speed is the act of accelerating. Once a command is given, the lead leg will drive aggressively into the ground with the trail leg knee being driven forward. The arm action must be aggressive and in opposition to the leg action. The first three to five steps are piston-like. The goal is to get a body that is stationary up to top speed ASAP! Arms and legs should be straight ahead with their action.
  • Once the initial acceleration phase is completed, the leg action now becomes longer and less piston-like. The body is more upright and looks more like sprinting.
  • As the finish line of the 40 approaches, stay relaxed and run with hot feet. Do not overstride toward the end of the run. Run through the finish as if you still have ten yards to go.

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