Coaching Power Words

What a coach says can be Powerful!

If we were to take a deep look into how we teach a skill, there is usually some introduction of the new skill. The introduction is often followed by giving the athletes some basic context for how the skill is used in the sport. Next, we use demonstrations to make sure the athlete can get a good visual. The final step is followed up with a trial of the skill by the athlete and, of course, feedback.

These steps create a learning environment for the athletes to learn and practice a new skill in some variation.

Do you know what can cement and drive home the execution of the skill?


Are you wondering which power words?

I have found that I see quicker, more effective results if I use very descriptive words that emphasize Speed, quickness, power, strength, or whatever the emphasis is.

Here is an example. When I want my athlete to perform a Hip Turn into a shuffle or Lateral Run, I typically talk about “escaping” current space and “attacking” new space. These words always seem to kick the athlete’s effort into a new gear. They understand that they have to push harder and faster.

Give it a try for yourself and see how it works.

When training my athletes, I plan certain Power-Words that need to be used to help them understand the importance of the skill and how to execute it.

Words do matter!

When you sign up for the fastest-growing, most effective multi-directional speed and performance community, you will hear me using power-words throughout the weekly lessons. It’s that important. If you want to be a Speed Ambassador, you should master your Power-Words and join a community that will help you grow into a power coach!

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