The Third Voice Gets Players In Trouble

The Third Voice Gets Players In Trouble!

What’s the third voice? It’s that voice that bellows from the stands at games and pecks at the susceptible brain of a young player in their homes. The third voice seemingly has the answers the coach can’t come up with. But make not mistake about it, the third voice can be a team wrecker and a player destroyer!

The third voice comes in many different forms and usually has a genetic connection to a player on the court or field. Because of this genetic connection, it feels it has a right to trump that of which a coach is sharing and urge its offspring to do what he or she wants. The “heck” with what’s best for the team.

The third voice also receives a special ticket to the game. This ticket allows them to act like a five year old as they verbally undress any and all officials who dare call an infraction on their child… even if their child used an MMA move to disarm their opponent.

The third voice is a dangerous voice to a child on a team.

This child is being told by his/her coach how he/she wants the game to be played and what their role will be on that team. This coach is the First Voice!

Each day this child begins to develop a louder voice of his or her own. It is the Second Voice, which plays in their head each day. Their own opinions are being formed and they start to judge other voices around them, namely their coach. However for the most part, he/she can tame his/her voice in favor of the coaches’ voice. Then… in comes the third voice. The voice of THE PARENT, UNCLES, AUNTS OR GRANDPARENTS! This voice has a bigger drill than the other voices. This drill burrows deep into the minds of the players and causes an unbelievable stress on this player/child. The child now is put in a position he/she should never be placed in as a player. Choosing to listen to the coach and do what’s best for the team or listen to the people they have to go home with and listen to what seems to be an eternity?

A coach’s job is a difficult one without the distraction of the third voice. Imagine the tug-o-war this player/child has going on each and every day playing sport because of this constant pecking at their brain by the third voice. Every time the touch the ball or walk on to the playing field the loud obnoxious voice distracts their every move.

My message to the third voice is to silence yourself so your child can prosper as they learn to handle and process the information coming from their coach’s voice. You may or may not agree with a coach and really that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you give your child the room he or she needs to focus their attention on the TEAM and what is coming from the voices within that team.

Parents, you had your chance to play and be a team member. Now silence yourself and let your child have that same chance.

Support Children in Sport!
Lee Taft

photo credit: Spree2010 via photopin cc

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