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3 Tips to Change a Speed Coach’s Life

There are many sad stories of young and older coaches not going full in on their dreams because they fear what others might say or believe about them.

If this applies to you, then you need to hear these 3 tips right now!

Tip #1 – Listen to Your Voice, Not Theirs

When you are passionate and well-intended to help athletes and coaches, never allow the negative comments of others influence your decision to move forward. I could give a crap about what others say about me. If they are just taking shots at me, I don’t spend any time there. However, if they are giving constructive criticism in a professional manner, then I am allover that stuff. I soak it in and see if it makes sense for me to consider. If it doesn’t help me, I move on.

When there are trollers just waiting to pounce on you and create doubt in your thoughts consider one thing. They have nothing better to do but wait in the bushes and jump on your hard work. It is because they can’t create any original content of their own. They are bad coaches, speed coaches, trainers, and yes I’ll say it, a bad person. Bad people crouch-down waiting to jump at you and take you down with them. Good people love you for who you are and what you are trying to do. They give you support and constructive feedback. Go with them!

Your passion isn’t pinned to others people’s opinions. It is pinned to your desire to impact other people.

Tip #2 – Expect Failure In Order to Grow

If you are broken down every time you fail, STOP! Find a new, safe profession where your chances of failure is next to none. However, expect your chances of success to be next to none as well. Failure is what made all the great, GREAT!

The “great” have a single-minded approach to attack their goals. They understand failures are to reveal what not to do next time, and from then on. Failing sets the course for them each and every time it happens.

Failure’s best friend is RISK. If you want to be a great speed coach, soccer coach, tennis instructor, or business person you have to take risks to learn how to grow. Your risks should be calculated and researched, but you simply can’t grow if you don’t take certain risks. One of the biggest risk speed coaches have to take is just putting ourselves out there. Letting people see our programs, our systems, and our failures. It is scary, but only because we haven’t had enough experience to know how to handle it.

I have failed my way to becoming “The Speed Guy” for 30 years. I made some stupid uncalculated risks and got burnt big time. But, because I didn’t care what others said I kept my head down, eyes wide open, and pushed forward. I learned to accept failure as just part of the successes I will eventually have.

Tip #3 – Be a Turtle

If you are expecting to win the race quickly, you are definitely in for a rude awakening. You must have the mindset of a long-distance runner. Learning to pace yourself allows you to take the hits and failures and just keep moving because you know it is a long race. Short term wins completed simply to receive a short-term win end up being short-lived. It’s okay to try to win the battles, but don’t let a small victory lose you the war.

Learning to create a mind-set of being in it for the journey to success is what give you the power to stick with it. If you are in it for only the prize at the end, you will easily become frustrated and are more likely to quit. Plus, often you will find out once you reach the goal it isn’t as special as you thought it would be. The small failures, the great successes, the connections you make, and the lessons you learned along the journey are what make it all special.

I began my passion for speed training when I was a junior in college. Obviously at that time, I didn’t realize it would become my profession. Along the journey I took many different directions, failed a ton, and became frustrated a lot. My intuition, love of sharing, and love of  helping others kept me going. Now with a less than a month before 2019 is here,  I have more passion for helping others than ever.

You are the only one who can knock yourself off the path to success. Setting your mind right, not allowing a negative influencer in, and loving the journey more than the goal will bring you the success!

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