What Would You Do?

You have an athlete that repeatedly falls out of control with her body every time she does a shuffle change of direction or a shuttle run change of direction.

As she plants her outside foot to change the direction, her shoulders rotate toward the plant leg, and she shifts her upper body in that direction as well.

This isn’t advantageous to a quick and efficient change of direction- her mass and momentum have taken her out of control and didn’t allow for effective use of the push-off leg.

You have decided to select the Fake Throw Corrective Strategy as the tool to help her “feel” what needs to happen to instinctively gain control (stiffness/stability) of her upper body rotation when she plants her outside foot.

My question is, what Fake Throw Corrective will you choose?

  1. Level 2 or 3 overhead in the vertical plane and perform shakes?
  2. Level 1 in the horizontal plane and perform lateral leaps with Fake Throw action from ear to ear?
  3. Level 2 overhead to toe drop and Fake Throw to Level 2 at waist level?
  4. Level 1, 2, or 3 in the horizontal using either a Shake, Jab, or Shuffle with the ball going from ear to ear?   

The answer to this question is based on the need of the athlete, the correction that can fix that need and is based on laws of human movement and control of movement.

I am always talking about the importance of being a member of the Speed Toolbox because these are the types of situations I prepare you for.

Speed Insider members become Speed Ambassadors. Someone who understands the language can articulate the language properly to other professionals, keep the KISS principle when sharing with athletes, and understand everything based on fundamental principles, methods, and strategies.

The more coaches who are on the same page, the better communication we can have between professionals.

So, what is your answer to the Fake Throw Question?

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