5 Sports Practice Tips for Coaches

Here is How to Have a Successful Sports Practice

After years of coaching various sports teams, I have learned a thing or two when designing my practice plan. Here are a few effective tips to help plan out your team’s practice plans.

Tip #1

Always alternate between “hard” days and “breakdown” days. In other words, you can’t pound your team into the dirt everyday or you will hurt cause injuries. One day needs to be physical and very up tempo. On other days you need slow the tempo down and break the fine details down more.

Tip #2

Practice for the best teams. Don’t allow your team to practice sloppy. Don’t let your athletes get away with making little mistakes. The good teams you will play demand your “A” game so practice that way all the time.

Tip #3

Always find time to develop skill. An offense and defense is better when your players have more skill to execute.

Tip #4

Demand communication. Players who talk to each other create good situations for teammates. Talk early as well. It is better to be a proactive talker than a reactive talker.

Tip #5

Always set a goal for each practice. Let your team know what you should be working towards on that day. It is a long season and you have to win the little battles each day in order to win the war in the end.

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