athlete being assessed for movement

Purpose of an Athletic Assessment

The Purpose

Q: What does an initial athletic assessment do for you as a trainer/coach?
A: It gives you initial information.

Q: What does assessing an athlete do for you while they are training or competing?

If you think you have all the answers from your assessment on day one, you are kidding yourself and your athletes. The truth be told when you watch and learn how the athlete moves in a live setting. This is why I like random reactionary drills such as tag, partner chase, or react to a command or visual.

Two Things to look for During an Athletic Assessment

  1. What the athlete’s body does when they are not thinking about how their body moves? An assessment can be misleading when an athlete is trying to please.
  1. Does the athlete get into correct postures or do they always show dysfunction? This tells me a lot…How the athlete sets up before a play, what they do during the play, and how their body responds after the play?

The initial assessment is just a tool, so don’t get too caught up in it.

The more relaxed your athletes are when they move, the more they will show you.

The one thing I don’t do is perform an athletic assessment for the sake of doing an assessment.

If you are not going to use the information you gained off the assessment, then don’t waste the time.

Remember to always keep in mind the purpose of an athletic assessment!

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