Lee Taft’s Basketball Speed 2


Basketball Speed 2 is a great companion to Basketball Speed. Lee breaks down the most important aspects of being an explosive offensive player with and without the ball. Watch how he covers the important, yet overlooked, components of the triple threat and its variations. Also, Lee will show you the dribble can be used to get you virtually anywhere on the court by using his deceptive techniques. Discover many of his favorite and most effective offensive moves to get open without the ball… great stuff!
(45 Minutes)

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Basketball Speed 2

Discover the skills behind some of the best offensive basketball players and see how they draw envy from opponents. Lee Taft offers complete basketball speed training for coaches, athletes, and players. Basketball Speed 2 reveals the secrets of the pro’s and how they create an offensive explosion every time they step on the basketball court!

The Offensive Explosion Includes:

  • How to actually utilize the different Triple Threat Options to be an explosive first step player.
  • Why one simple change can make you a better offensive player. This basketball speed training video will blow your mind!
  • How to use the deceleration dribbles to be an even more deceptive ball handler.
  • How to get out of trouble using your dribble and also creating offensive options.
  • The number one reason many dribblers don’t explode off the dribble. You will have the secret and be able to blow by defenders. Utilize 5 key training techniques to increase first-step speed in all directions.
  • The 7 techniques all offensive players must utilize to make them better players.
  • Why I have brought back the most effective offensive threat series in the game. Unfortunately, many players have forgotten about this weapon.
  • How you can improve your vertical jump on your shot.
  • Ways to be an offensive weapon without the ball. Make defenders not want to cover you.



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