Understand the Laws of Movement

Know your “stuff” before you preach it and teach it!

I just watched a performance coach, on video, teach three different areas of deceleration. I can honestly say, he went zero for three.

The bottom line is you have to understand laws of movement and stop trying to change human movement to look pretty in slow motion.

ALWAYS consider momentum forces! When we decelerate, we have to account for the weight of the body and it’s the direction we must control. From a biomechanical standpoint, we must load our joints at certain angles for the muscles to “turn on” in order to have more strength/leverage.

We have to STOP thinking we always must be vertically aligned with our joints when decelerating from moving horizontally. Load the system, so the system can control movement appropriately.

There are tons of examples of poor understanding…which means poor coaching…which means poor results. No one does this on purpose, I am sure. However, if you are calling yourself a “Performance Coach”, then know your stuff to the best of your ability or don’t coach it! Find the answers first.

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