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Build Your Speed…Discover how a medicine ball can make you quicker than you thought possible, more agile than you could imagine, and flat out a stronger and a better athlete! For nearly two and a half decades, Lee has trained athletes for speed, agility, strength, power, and basically an overall athletic performance. In all this time the one thing he never lost sight of was the ability to control mass and momentum.
(60 minutes)

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2 Medicine Ball Training Speed Videos-in-One

60 Minutes

Discover How A Medicine Ball Can Make You Quicker Than You Thought Possible, More Agile Than You Could Imagine, And Flat Out A Stronger And A Better Athlete!

Attention Coaches, Physical Therapists, Strength Coaches, Trainers, and Athletes:

With all the high-flying acts of fitness going around it will be a nice change of pace to view a video based on controlling mass and momentum rather than throwing it all over the place.

Do You Ever Get Tired Of…

  • Videos based on exercises so advanced or dangerous you dare not use them with your athletes?
  • Videos that only address explosive high flying acts and fail to address how to control the body and all of its mass and momentum?
  • Programs that are good for one population, but really can’t be used with others?
  • Products that give you the “wow” effect, but when you actually try to implement the exercises you don’t have a progression to follow?

For nearly three and a half decades I have been training athletes for speed, agility, strength, power, and basically an overall athletic performance. In all this time the one thing I never lost sight of was the ability to control mass and momentum.

Basically…if an athlete can’t decelerate the entire body or segments of the body he or she will not be as quick.

Medicine Ball Training for Speed is broken down into two phases. This allows you to progress your athletes to meet the demands they face.

Some of the Movements or Anti-Movements We Need to Address When Training to Make Athletes Quicker Include:

  • When landing, be sure athletes can minimize flexion in order to be quicker if they need to move again. We also want to minimize rotational and frontal plane movements.
  • When an athlete stops from a shuffle or performs a sharp cut they must be able to control frontal plane forces.
  • Athletes must be able to control the transverse forces that often occur when changing direction or using the arms aggressively during swinging.
  • Landing on two legs is difficult enough to control, but there are many times when athletes will land on one leg or the other. They must learn to control these movements in order to maintain balance and safety.

If we do not give our athletes the ability to control the horsepower we routinely build in them then they will crash and burn…and the results won’t be pretty.

Medicine Ball Training Speed will teach an athlete’s body how to control force in all planes of movement through simple-to-follow progressions.

Here’s What Medicine Ball Training Speed Delivers…

Volume #1

  • Learn how to position the medicine ball in any of three frontal plane positions or three vertical plane positions to create the kinds of forces you need.
  • Find out how to quickly and easily assess your client to find their stability threshold. Once you learn this you will have a starting point for your progressions.
  • Discover how to use a simple, yet highly effective way to turn on the proprioceptors in the body and engage the feet/ground connection.
  • Learn how to load the posterior, anterior, and lateral chains safely and progressively with a series of safe and effective exercises.
  • Teach your athletes how to decelerate and turn on the appropriate muscles of the body to reinforce any deceleration pattern.
  • Discover how you can load the body more or less in one plane while putting more emphasis in another plane.

Volume #2

  • There is a time and place when athletes and general fitness clients need to be loaded in more than one plane intentionally. This video will show you multiple ways to safely do so.
  • Learn how to train bilaterally and unilaterally while forcing the athlete or client to control other planes on movement.
  • There is a time and a place for explosive movements. Knowing how to control these movements is critical. You will discover how to manage a summation of movements with deceleration and quickly back into acceleration. That is quickness!
  • Learn how to train the body to avoid excessive spinal extension during deceleration training.
  • Great athletes know how to disassociate the upper and lower body and quickly recoil to produce massive force. See how to open the hips, shuffle or crossover, decelerate in order to produce a massive acceleration force.

In a Nutshell…

If you are looking for a fancy, high-flying video, then don’t waste your hard-earned money!

However, if you are looking for a video that will show you exactly how to progress your athletes or fitness clients to meet their needs, then this is the video for you.

I promise your athletes will become quicker and more agile after performing the exercises in Medicine Ball Training for Speed. The body is always looking for stability. This video set will train your athletes’ bodies to control unwanted movement in favor of efficient and effective movements.

There is always a time and place for proper progression training. If you want the best for your athletes and fitness clients you need to have this product. It will give you more tools for your toolbox and make you a stronger and more effective professional.




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