Lee Taft’s Basketball Speed


This video set includes amazing Basketball Speed techniques that will dramatically improve your speed. Discover how Lee Taft’s techniques have transformed ordinary defensive players into defensive stoppers. Basketball Speed is the only speed program used to teach both the beginning player the fundamentals of Basketball Speed and the seasoned veteran how to take their game to a higher level. This is not about drills. It’s about learning how to become fast!

Basketball Speed package includes two videos, an easy-to-follow Basketball Speed Guide outlining all the skills and techniques, and a BONUS Basketball Speed medicine ball workout.

(104 minutes and 50 pages)

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2 Videos and Guide

104 minutes, 50 pages


Discover a Never Before Seen Approach to basketball speed, Guaranteed to Make You a Quicker Player in Just Weeks. Learn Secrets Proven to Increase Your Defensive Quickness and Offensive Explosiveness with Lee Taft’s speed drills for basketball videos.



Basketball, like many court sports, requires quick explosive speed and instant change of direction ability. Many times games are won and lost by the speed of the athletes. Basketball Speed will be the most valuable basketball speed product you will ever own. You will be taken step-by-step through Lee’s progression system for teaching basketball techniques and he shows you how to apply these BASKETBALL SPEED techniques to actual situations and drills.

In Basketball Speed Video #1, Lee will show you and your athletes:

  • The ONLY way to explosive first step speed. You will be amazed how Lee’s nationally recognized simple techniques will make an immediate impact on your players’ basketball speed.
  • You will find in Basketball Speed specific techniques to shut down penetration and how to recover when the ball handler changes directions.
  • How to teach your players to position their feet and explode with power when guarding the ball out at the point.
  • Inside secrets of how average players can become quick and controlled with change of direction.
  • How to avoid getting “crossed up” or “thrown off balance” trying to slow down the ball on a fast break. Body position is vital!
  • The keys to teaching progression sequences for moving laterally and recognizing faults. This alone is worth the cost of the program itself!
  • And much more…

Video #2-Dynamic Warm-Up and Medicine Ball Training

It is important to recognize in all facets of training a basketball player, there is an influence on the Central Nervous System. It should stand to reason before a practice or game; the nervous system should be “fired-up” to meet the demands of the high intensity that lies ahead. Video # 2 demonstrates the dynamic warm-up and mobility system Lee uses to properly warm up basketball players before a practice or game. Included on video #2 is an awesome bonus on Medicine Ball Training specific to basketball players.

In Video #2, here’s what’s waiting for you:

  • Basketball is an explosive sport that challenges the musculature and nervous systems to be reactive and proactive. Learn how to properly prepare your athletes for practice or games.
  • Keys to getting your athletes’ feet moving rapidly at the start of practice or games.
  • This speed drills for basketball video includes 2 different variations and 2 levels of difficulty.
  • Uncover a warm-up system that prepares your athletes’ bodies at many levels. Follow Lee’s progressions from relaxed movements to greater ranges of motion exercises to firing up the nervous system for peak performance.
  • Sitting down and performing stretches prior to practice is NOT the proper way to warm up. Discover a system easy to implement, yet geared at improving ability from the start of practice with the help of these speed drills for basketball.
  • And much more…

Bonus-Medicine Ball Training

  • Discover unique medicine ball exercises…they will become an integral part of your practice!
  • Lee shows you how to improve lateral speed and deceleration techniques with the use of a medicine ball.
  • Learn the keys to teaching your athletes to be powerful and explosive with strong shoulders and hips.
  • Explore how you can improve your athlete’s coordination, endurance, and upper body speed with medicine ball drills.
  • And much more…

Basketball Speed Guide

This easy-to-follow guide outlines all the skills and techniques and their progressions of Basketball Speed. You will receive workouts that can be implemented immediately. It is jam-packed with pictures that are worth the price of the program itself.

Basketball Speed Guide, highlights include:

  • Learn the foundation of athletic speed and the proper way to teach “The Athletic Stance.”
  • Discover Basketball Speed movement techniques in detail and Lee’s progression system to teach it.
  • Fully illustrated pictures throughout the entire guide.
  • How to apply Basketball Speed techniques to actual situations and speed drills for basketball.
  • A specific Basketball Speed flexibility program to implement with your team instantly.
  • And much more…




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