Check-List For Strength Coaches

How many times have we heard coaches say, “I am a kettle bell guy, or a strongman guy, or a chains, or a bands guy, or a conjugate system guy, and so on….”

Far too often we look to the implements and systems well before we look at the results desired. This is often the problem when inexperienced strength coaches read highly advanced training information. They try to implement what they read without having a great understanding of it.

Evaluate a few things and ask yourself questions before training.

Check-List For Strength Coaches

  1. What are my limitations as it relates to what I am being asked to perform as a coach? Do I have the “mental tools” to execute a solid plan?
  2. What are the limitations of the athlete or team I am working with? Have they had much exposure to strength training and how much knowledge do they have on spotting, traffic flow understanding, etc…
  3.  What is the ultimate goal of the training? Can I accomplish what you I out to accomplish with the equipment, or lack there of, I have? How can I use what I have to get work done?
  4.  Am I coaching my athletes or regurgitating something I read or saw from someone else? Don’t be someone else. Be you! Coach the following; exercise execution, equipment positioning, breathing, racking or putting back equipment, spotting if needed, and how to recover. Coach!
  5. Is my program progressed properly to support effective skill acquisition and safety?
  6. Always ask myself,  If I am doing what the athlete needs over what I like or want? It isn’t about me! It is about the athlete.

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