The Hidden Secret to Explosive Power Has Been Found…Re-Discover the Amazing Results Athletes, Return-To-Play Athletes, Beginner Athletes, and Elite-of-the-Elite Athletes Are Finding Using Rebounder Training!

Take a Closer Look at How ALL Athletes are Improving Strength, Power, Elastic and Reactive Abilities, and Performance!

Attention Coaches, Strength Coaches, Physical Therapists, Trainers, and Athletes:

There has never been a simpler way to improve explosive power, elastic return, and integration of the lower and upper body through the core than with Rebounder Training for The Athlete.

Are you frustrated because you want to throw medicine balls but don’t have a wall?

Does it bother you that, even if you have a wall, you can’t get a fast-enough return to increase your power and elastic energy?

How about not being able to throw and catch your medicine ball at all different angles?

I have personally owned a rebounder for over 20 years and have helped athletes of all skill levels, needs, and goals become more explosive. My tennis athletes, baseball and softball players, volleyball hitters, quarterbacks, and all other throwing athletes have benefited tremendously from the reactive shoulder and core routines.

My basketball players, tennis athletes, and soccer athletes have gained the tremendous ability to cut from creating so much stiffness after training with the rebounder.

Let’s not forget my football athletes. They have benefited from increased power output using heavy chop patterns.

A rebounder is an amazing tool for athletes to reach the top level of their performance, but….

What about return-to-play athletes?


The rebounder has helped my return-to-play athletes gain control, power, stability, and awareness from bad ankle injuries, knee surgeries, hip and shoulder trauma, and hand, wrist, and elbow injuries.

The rebounder provides solutions.

What Can You Do With A Rebounder?

Here is ONLY a Small Example of How I Use the Rebounder to Improve my Athlete’s Overall Performance…

  1. Have your athletes perform “setting” and “circle setting” to strengthen and improve the reactivity of fingers, hands, wrists, and elbows. Amazing for volleyball and basketball athletes.
  2. Minimize the width of your athlete’s stance while they perform lateral explosive chops to focus on adductor, hip, and abdominal integration.
  3. Use a 15oz ball to train the shoulder rotators and pronators of the wrists and greatly strengthen the hands.
  4. Perform explosive lateral footwork in conjunction with diagonal throws to improve athleticism


  • Strength and conditioning coach searching for higher level methods of training.
  • Personal trainers looking to specifically address the needs of their clients.
  • Rehabilitation specialists designing back-to-play programs for athletes, active workers, or any patient.
  • Athletes needing to add a critically important aspect to their explosive training.

Get This Video for ONLY $39.95

Rebounder Training for the Athlete Details

Learn how to integrate systemic and localized strength, power, and elastic qualities athletes need to perform at a high level and reduce the potential for injury. Your athletes will benefit from a system of a finger, hand, and wrist exercises to total body power and elastic training. As well as benefit from integrating speed and quickness training while performing specific throwing and catching patterns. The stiffness, deceleration, and acceleration demand shown in this video will help bulletproof your athletes.

You will learn the following:

  • A “Setting” routine to strengthen fingers, hands, and wrists.
  • Flexion, extension, and rotation patterns to strengthen forearms and shoulders.
  • Stiffness and deceleration sequences to build strength and stability.
  • Explosive frontal and transverse patterns to attack the various slings of the body.
  • And…so much more!

There Has Never Been a Simpler Way to Improve Explosive Power, Elastic Return, and Integration of the Lower and Upper Body Through the Core

Benefits of Training Your Athletes with a Rebounder…

  • Athletes learn how to manage the momentum of the ball coming back at them and make critical adjustments.
  • Coaches, strength coaches, trainers, therapists, and athletes have many options to attack the various aspects of power, elastic energy, stability, balance, and strength.
  • Return to play athletes can feel competitive and like they are back in the game due to the intelligent but intense training, they can perform on the rebounder.
  • You do not need a large space- rebound training can be done in a small area.

Rebounder Training for the Athlete is a solution to a problem. Athletes need to train production of force and reduction of force at multiple angles- the rebounder provides this very strategy.

Do yourself and your athletes a favor, invest in a rebounder, and challenge them in ways you never thought possible.

Grab this video for the ridiculously low investment… ONLY $39.95…It’s a NO-BRAINER!

Help Your Athletes Improve Strength, Power, Elastic and Reactive Abilities, and Performance!

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