Discover How to Move with Greater Speed and Quickness, Effortless Economy, and Efficiency…and Gain Unyielding Confidence in Your Ability to Move on The Basketball Court!

You Can Create the Ability to Change Direction, Decelerate, Retreat, Recover, Accelerate, and Flat-Out Fly-Around on the Basketball Court!

Attention Coaches, Skill Instructors, Parents, and Players:

Make no mistake, today’s game is about speed and quickness. If you or your players do not have it, then they are at a disadvantage, and so is your program.

Today’s offenses like to spread the defense out, penetrate and force help, then kick to the open player for a shot. This forces the defense to be extremely reactive and predictive, incredibly efficient in how they help and recover for a closeout, and defend against the drive. Either player can do this, or you will get beat… Period!

Are you tired of not being able to press quicker teams and having just to sit back and hope they miss and you rebound?

Does it frustrate you to see teams spread your defense and pick driving lanes at will?

Do you become irritated when your team is on offense, and your guards can’t penetrate because the defense simply is too quick to get by?


Having worked extensively with basketball players of all levels, I have created strategies to develop explosive basketball speed and quickness that drastically improve players’ ability to move.

Let Me Introduce You To…


This product can be a stand-alone training tool, or you can add it to your current speed training program.

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On-Court Basketball Speed is a compilation of strategies, drills, concepts, and various skills that allow coaches and players to understand how to be a greater mover on the basketball court.

I am a no-frills coach, and this is a no-frills video. There are no blinking lights and fancy editing to distract you from the material. If you are a coach who wants your team to succeed, a player who wants results, or a strength coach who doesn’t have time to mess around, then you will want to add this product to your library.

This video doesn’t have long intros, fancy voiceovers, or multiple camera angles of the same skill. I simply strapped on my microphone, had my practice plan tucked in the front of my shorts, and asked two athletes to demonstrate the skills as I coached them through to drill.

If you need your handheld and can’t see the value in the information as it is presented, there is no need to waste your time and money. However, if you have an inner burning to learn details, understand how the body moves, why reactive training is a must, and how corrective training fills in the holes, then…YOU CAN’T MISS WITH A TON OF NON-STOP ACTION AND LOADS OF INFORMATION!


  • How to introduce, assess, break down, and progress and teach deceleration for the basketball player.
  • Why linear acceleration must occur in a specific way and how to understand its value to the game of basketball in many situations on the court.
  • How to create the proper environment so athletes can explode laterally and become defensive stoppers.
  • How lateral movement is progressed through proper strategies that meet the needs of your athletes.
  • Why reactive training sets the athletes up for greater long-term success. I will show you exactly how to progress reactive training.
  • The most important skill, not being trained nearly enough, will be broken down into a progression showing you and your athletes how to retreat immediately.
  • How to help players returning from injury jump right into training for deceleration and acceleration. I show you tools and progression that aid in their safety and success.
  • How and why repositioning the feet during reactive movement is vital to the player’s ability to move quickly in any direction.
  • An in-depth breakdown and progression of how the “close-out” is executed and taught to maximize defensive efficiency.
  • How to guard against the step back, as well as how to guard in the full court in a one-on-one setting.
  • So much more is included. You will have to rewind time and again to make sure you are grasping the concepts and strategies to improve ON-COURT BASKETBALL SPEED.

If you are a basketball coach, raise your hand and admit you don’t put nearly enough emphasis on coaching basketball speed and quickness into your players and program.

The problem is most coaches don’t value it enough until it becomes the sole reason they can’t compete against greater teams. Even when you can compete, a lack of team speed will always bite you in the butt at some point when it is needed most.

On-Court Basketball Speed Must Become a Priority.

It Makes Your Offense and Defense Shine.

FOR ONLY $89.95

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Planning and Implementing Speed and Quickness into Your Practice is Very Simple!

  • Establish the skills that need to be improved as a team
  • Take the drills and strategies from ON-COURT BASKETBALL SPEED and implement them into your practice.
  • Each day, when you are writing up your practice plan, allot 5 minutes or more to specific speed and quickness that will enhance your player’s ability to move and understand it.
  • Always relate the movements to a situation in the game, so the players create a mental picture of why and how. This is critical!
  • Keep your drills in the 3-7 second range to maximize explosive speed.
  • Allow rest periods of a minimum of 5-6 times the work. This is easily accomplished when players are in line waiting for their next turn.
  • What do your offense, defense, and transition game require? Use the ON-COURT BASKETBALL SPEED skills to fit your program.

Those who know me understand I am a coach inside and out. I don’t get caught up in all the bells and whistles. And I certainly don’t like being held back when I want to learn something that will improve my team.

ON-COURT BASKETBALL SPEED was developed with that kind of coach in mind. The camera is effortlessly set up, my microphone is hooked up, my practice plan is in hand to help me stay on task, and my focus is on coaching my athletes…in real time.


When weighing the amount of valuable information included in this video, plus the value in what the results will be….it is well worth an investment of $89.95.

Keep in mind… you need this information in your library. Don’t delay!

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