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Discover How to Become a More Effective Movement Coach and Master the Skills to Improve the Explosive Power of Your Tennis Players…

Understanding Tennis Speed Starts and Ends with Having a Solid Foundation of Fundamental Athletic and Strength Movement Patterns.

Just about 28 years ago I went to Bolletteri’s Tennis Academy, now known as IMG, as part of my mentorship from the United States Sports Academy.

I was 25 years old and had already coached three high school sports and was a strength coach. However, my first exposure to my ability to assess, address, and train tennis speed and performance started way before…

In 1978 and in 7th grade, I passed a physical and development maturity test so that I could participate in high school varsity tennis. My love and desire to grow at tennis got kicked into high gear fast.

Moving forward to my second year of college tennis in 1986, I made the national tennis tournament in both singles and doubles. My journey to understand tennis movement was deeply ingrained by this time.

When I arrived at Bolletteri’s, my supervisors quickly recognized my ability to coach and more importantly to “teach”. They saw how I handled very large groups of athletes with relative ease and precision. I was quickly placed on the fast track and was given more and more responsibilities within the first few weeks of arriving.

It all started when the tennis director asked me to go out to the court and stand behind the players and watch them move…Ah! It was like being at home in a comfortable place.

I just was one of those people that could “SEE” what many others couldn’t. After having discussions about what I saw and how these players need to be trained to react and be quicker, the supervisor gave me more responsibilities and I ran with it.

Fast forward 28 years to 2019, after stops at Palmer Tennis Academy, University of Kentucky, presenting at the Easter Bowl Junior Tennis Tournament, and working with countless beginner to high level players, I sharpened my tennis speed and performance training…

Now I am here to sharpen yours…

How Does This Course Work?

Tennis Speed Insiders Mini-Course is a 8-module curriculum. The day you sign up is the day you begin your first module. Every other day you will receive a new topic. Each module includes a video detailing the topic information. You will also receive a training sheet with the purpose of highlight the important points of the module and document vital information.

By the time the 8 modules are completed you will have learned a strong foundation of athletic movement skills!


The Tennis Speed Insiders Mini-Course is designed to help coaches, players, and trainers understand how to use athletic prowess to manage all potential movements on the court.

However, I will let you in on a little secret…

What I teach in the Tennis Speed Insider Mini-Course will not only help your tennis athletes become amazing athletic performers on the court…It will help ALL athletes of ALL sports become DYNAMIC and HIGHLY successful movers for their sport!

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Plus, Receive the Jump Training for Speed and Quickness Video and Workout Guide for FREE!

Course Details and Description

Module 1-2Module 3-4Module 5-6Module 7-8
Module #1- Preparing the Tennis Player for Action

In this module, you will learn simple yet extremely important methods to ensure your tennis athletes are activated and prepared to play. The exercises range from a gross overall movement to a more targeted exercise selection to make sure desired goals of injury prevention and performance are met.

Module #2- Fundamentals to Building Athletic Tennis Footwork

Discover how athletes become better when they have a skill set of fundamental movements. Acquire the know-how to direct these foundational fundamentals into a smooth tennis footwork pattern.

Module #3- Creating a System of Deceleration Training for Tennis Athletes

If you have players that do not have great deceleration ability, the chances of poor performance, and even worse a potential for injury, will rise quicker than the temperature. This module will show you a system of building deceleration for your players.

Module #4- Building a Reactive Player with Great Elastic Energy

It is important to understand movement on the court. Tennis players must have quick, reactive ability to snap into action like a rubber-band. And, they must be able to quickly load and explode to meet the high speeds of the tennis ball traveling over the net at all angle. Those players who can do this the best are on their way to being winners!

Module #5- On-Court Tennis Quickness

Just because players can strike the ball really well doesn’t mean they automatically become elite tennis players. If they can’t move, eventually they lose. The best players have the ability to move quickly, efficiently, and will have great pursuit abilities. In this module you will discover some of Lee’s most effective skills that tennis players must master to be great.

Module #6- Medicine Ball Training to Increase Tennis Power and Stability

This module is about a form of training that is often forgot about or considered not very important. After diving into this explosive module, you will immediately recognize the great value of using the medicine ball in target ways to improve the players stability and overall body power.

Module #7- Multi-Planar Band and Speed Training for the Tennis Player

Using tools that can increase force production and rate of force production are critical to speed enhancement. Find out how Lee uses bands to improve acceleration in all directions. He will teach you very important speed techniques that will help tennis players cover the court faster.

Module #8- Conditioning the Tennis Player for Success, Not a Marathon.

Become competent at how to manipulate the tennis athletes demands to be in great shape by stealing manipulating work done from their tennis practices and matches and building conditioning strategies around that. And, gain insight on how to save the players legs and leave their body in great shape.




Jump Rope for Speed and Quickness training program video outlines three phases that are easy to implement yet challenging to an athlete’s body.

In this video, you will learn:

  • How to use basic patterns to increase foot speed, coordination, and quickness.
  • How you can use the jump rope routines to increase endurance.

This is a great resource for beginners, as well as, top level elite athletes. Each phase has 10 exercises to improve athleticism. Athletes that can jump rope quickly will develop the ability to be quicker when the accelerate.

Included, is a printable guideline to make it easy and quick to reference.

Understanding Tennis Speed Starts and Ends with Having a Solid Foundation of Fundamental Athletic Strength and Movement Patterns.

Tennis Speed Insiders Mini-Course is designed to help you understand concepts of training an athlete. You will come away understanding specific fundamental footwork patterns that will engage the tennis players court speed, and this course will help you manage the health of your players, as well as, help them reach great condition shape to stay strong until the final shot.

Don’t miss out…get immediate access to the very first module, and start help you tennis athletes become more explosive…TODAY!

Become an Ambassador of Speed,

Lee Taft

“The Speed Guy”

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Allow me to develop your mindset, your vision, and bring you over to my way of thinking about on-court tennis speed and quickness. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!