Find Out How to Capitalize on a Targeted Approach to Mastering the Explosive Speed of Baseball and Softball

If you want to improve in the critical areas of baseball and softball speed; base running, base stealing, infielder speed, outfielder speed, and home to first speed…then you need to pay attention to what I am about to show you.

Have you ever been frustrated when trying to play an aggressive style of baseball or softball, but your team just doesn’t have the fundamental or specific speed needed to take advantage of situations?

Does it drive you crazy to have base runners thrown out because they stretched a double, thinking they could make it only to be thrown out and all the momentum is gone?

How about outfielders or infielders who can’t get to routine ground-balls or pop-fly’s?

Having worked with so many baseball and softball players I know what it takes to help them perform better offensive or defensive jumps to make things happen.

Let me share some stories…

The first time I realized just how important it was to coach  baseball speed was when I a small-town, high school baseball coach hired me for 45 minutes to teach his baseball team how to get a better jump and accelerate when base stealing.

This was the week before sectionals started. Now that is dedication to improving the odds of winning.

I met with this baseball team and broke down the details of how to use the arms and hands to drive the engine of getting a great jump. I broke down the very important joint loading sequence I have taught for years in order to maximize effective tension. I taught them how to use the NUMBER ONE skill-set from another sport to ignite the initial step to getting a HUGE jump. And, I used critical posture and positioning practice to make sure they understood how to fully use their body to explode during the acceleration steps.

And, this was just teaching base stealing!

How Does This Course Work?

For the past two seasons, I have worked with the Philadelphia Phillies professional baseball team in Clearwater, Florida during pre-season training. The goal of the performance coaches was to have me teach the fundamental running mechanics. I broke down all the extremely important aspects to help pure acceleration, sprinting, and lateral speed. It was awesome to see the guys develop over the course of the clinic.

During my days as an interim strength coach at Ball State University, I spent a lot of time working with the women’s softball program. We focused on improving overall quickness and athleticism to enable the players to become better overall athletes. We worked on sprint speed, base-running speed, short burst speed, and retreating speed. They athletes did an amazing job improving their technique and effort.

Imagine if you were able to teach YOUR baseball team the strategies and skills to enhance the overall performance in all positions on the field.

This mini course is a very unique opportunity to gather techniques, strategies, skills, and coaching methods to enhance your baseball players speed and performance.


  • Baseball Coaches
  • Softball Coaches
  • Baseball Athletes
  • Softball Athletes
  • Parents
  • Performance Coaches
  • Anyone looking help a baseball or softball athlete wanting more explosive speed.

Get ALL this today for only $99!

Course Details and Description

Module 1 Specific In-Fielder Activities and Mobility to Build Patterns of Speed

Learn how to properly activate an mobilize your baseball and softball athletes to prepare them for action. Not only is it important to speak the language of the sport, it is also important to give the players specific pattern they can own.

Module 2 Specific Burst Acceleration

Baseball and softball are two of the most explosive sports. If athletes are not positioned properly they will not have the ability to BURST! Find out the important speed techniques for infielders, outfielders, and base stealing.

Module 3 Power and Elastic Energy

Discover super functional exercises to help players become much more explosive, both through power and elastic energy.

Module 4 Programming

In this power point module uncover how I break down the important foundational skills you, as a coach, need to design an effective program for your players.

The Baseball Speed Insiders Mini-Course will light a huge fire under you program and get so much more buy-in from your players.


Tip #1 Flying 20’s

Tip #2 Resisted Starts

Tip #3 Crouching Rolling Starts

Tip #4 Cone 1-Yard Starts

Tip #5 10-Yard Count Steps

Randomly performing exercises is one way to train your baseball players. Having a proven strategy with skills and concepts that govern the skills in another way.I am not here to convince you about anything, I am here to tell you there is a better way to improve the overall athletic speed and performance of your baseball team.

If you are a strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer, skills coach, or baseball coach, then you always want the best tools at your disposal. Baseball Speed Insiders Mini Course is a framework you can add to your current program, or overall your entire philosophy…It is that good!

Become an Ambassador of Speed,

Lee Taft

“The Speed Guy”

PS – Your players will thank you!

Becoming a better performance coach and learning to identify what needs to be done for any given situation is going to give you the edge over the coach with a lesser skill-set. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

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