Lee Taft Athletic Consulting

Innovative Athletic Development. Changing the Way Athletic Movement Speed is Taught.

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Lee Taft Live

With Lee’s highly dynamic workshop, you won’t be sitting in a chair all day listening to someone speak. He will involve you in a learning-based approach on a practical, lecture and open discussion format. Walk away with an energized approach to training and gain the practical knowledge to make it happen.

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Learn from Lee

Lee’s 3-Day Speed and Performance Retreat is designed around what his model of speed for all the multi-directional patterns. Come away with a better understanding of how to teach speed and experience the open discussion and ample opportunities to debate specific and varied topics.

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Jump Start Speed Clinic

This highly focused speed clinic is designed to teach athletes and coaches proven strategies to increase speed and quickness. Empower your athletes with the confidence to move with great efficiency, power, control, and athleticism with a Jump Start Speed Clinic!

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Videos & Books

Lee revolutionized the fitness industry with his movement techniques for multi-directional speed. His innovated approach to training has impacted how athletic movement speed is taught. Check out his instruction videos and books.

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Speed Insider Academy Course

Your complete resource to gain the skill set to make you a highly-sought after speed expert. This 6-month, 24 module course is designed to make coaches think about the obvious and to like the fundamentals more and more.

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Coaches Development Group

Coming Soon!

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