Who Benefits From Running Camps and Clinics

In life, there are some things you look at and can’t seem to connect with it. It doesn’t make sense, and it’s hard for you to figure out.

There’s a lot of “those things” in my life, that’s for sure.

However, running camps and clinics have always been the complete opposite. They just make total sense. Maybe that’s why I have been able to run over 350 camps, clinics, and workshops over the past 30 years.

The other day, I asked myself, “Who should consider running camps and clinics”? My answer is- Everyone who coaches, trains, and owns a performance facility!

Really! Why would you not utilize an idea that can add more business, create a fun atmosphere, and help you connect to your community?

If I were still a physical education teacher, I guarantee I would be hosting several mini-camps and clinics all year long. They are a fantastic way to add income for yourself, raise money for your PE program, or grow your students’ experiences if money is not a concern.

If I were a head coach of a middle school, high school, or college program, I would be killing it with camps and clinics all year long. You can run many specific camps for all different ages, coaches clinic—position specific camps. The options are limitless!

If I were a personal trainer or group fitness coach, I would add at least one camp or clinic to my schedule per month. They are a great way to educate and recruit more clients into your facility. If you don’t have a facility, you can make you’re living off running weekly clinics for all different populations and training niches.

If I were an AAU/Travel coach or a sports skills coach, camps and clinics would be my bloodline to create financial freedom and grow my club and business.

My point is, camps and clinics are simply a smart business model.

I can hear coaches now! But, I can’t run camps or clinics during Covid. Our state won’t allow gatherings.

While this may be true, it is the reason why I have developed an incredible model for online camps. Athletes from around the world can virtually participate in the same camp or clinic at the same time!

The online camps and clinics concept will change our profession forever- mark my words!

Don’t be one of those coaches, trainers, or fitness business owners that do not know how to create more income when you haven’t even entertained the idea of running a camp or clinic. It’s like saying- “Man, I’m so thirsty” when you have a bottle of water sitting in front of you, but you won’t drink it!

Camps and clinics can save your personal, business, and financial life. If you are serious about learning how to run camps and clinics, check out my private 1-on-1, 6-week course that will get you up quickly and running them in no time flat! Just reach out and let me know you are ready to ride the wave of camps and clinic, coachtaft@leetaft.com.