Lee is the best speed and quickness trainer I have ever seen in my life. He understands the body and he most importantly understands how athletes move in their specific sport. With that knowledge, he puts together workouts specific to your sport and how your body needs to be effective in that sport. He has helped me gain speed, power, and quickness every year since I was 12. He stresses good techniques and injury prevention as well by making sure you body is moving functionally. I would not be in this position without his help! He will turn you from a good athlete into a great one!

-Jimmer Fredette, Point Guard, Shanghai Sharks

“Coach Taft is truly one of the leading experts in the fields of multi-directional speed, strength, and human movement as it relates to athletic performance. His ability to simplify and teach even the most complex of concepts is second to none. From the novice athlete to the most seasoned sports coach, and everyone in between, there isn’t anyone who couldn’t learn something from Coach Taft.”

– Chase Campbell, CSCS, Director of Basketball Performance, University of Rhode Island Men’s Basketball

– Scott Paltrowitz, Former Cornell University Men’s Tennis

“When I first got into the industry the first person people would speak about when it came to speed was Lee Taft. 10+ years later he is STILL the first person people talk about when it comes to speed. His principles and methods have helped hundreds of athletes in my own gym achieve next level performance.”

– Wil Fleming, Co-owner of Force Fitness and Performance

“Trying to think of everything I have learned from Lee Taft would almost be impossible. My knowledge in strength training has tremendously increased over the past five years. Not only am I excited to learn something new when I go to Sports Speed, Etc., but I am honored to be working with such a skilled, intelligent, and kind man. I can’t thank him enough for all the help he has given me over the years.”

– Lisa Germain, Former Colgate University Women’s Track

I met Lee first in 2008 when I attended his Athletic Speed Formula. I was blown away by his knowledge of human and basketball movement. As a coach, Lee is spot on when it comes to coaching. We need to progress the athletes in a right way. They have to learn the fundamentals (and be very good at them) before they go into more complex drills. We need to teach the skills of basketball not how to do drills and Lee is an expert in this. He will break down a drill (because he sees a weakness) and teaches you the skill properly. He is not just focused on the drill.

At ASF, I realized that I have never been properly taught how to shuffle or use a crossover step (which I was told never to do). I started applying Lee’s principles to my game (when I was playing) and teaching it when I started coaching and I could feel and see improvement in myself and my athletes.
But what I think what makes Lee such a great coach is the LOVE for the game of basketball. I have been fortunate to have spent some time with Lee and you can really feel his passion when he starts talking about basketball. You know he is a student of the game and he is always trying to improve himself as a coach.

If you want to improve your game, Lee is one of the best coaches out there because of his knowledge of the game, human movement and passion. When you have those three elements you can see and fix bad mechanics (shooting, shuffling, dribbling, sprinting or any other basketball skill) very easily and teach it in a progressive way.

I want to thank him for all the knowledge and time that he has shared with me.”

– Helgi Gudfinnsson, Former Head Coach Grindvik Basketball Team, Former Assistant National Team Coach

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”Fitness Professionals” tab_id=”1433985295322-2-8″][vc_column_text title_align=”separator_align_left” size=”font-size-lg”]”Lee Taft is a student of athletic movement and is blessed with the ability to see through the complexity of the limitless variations of on field movements that occur in sport and find the common skills that allow for success. The workshop he put on for our staff really drove home the point that coaching movement is about “skills not drills”. He gave us a new perspective on what to look for when watching athletes perform in their sport and during workouts and how we can better tie the two together by creating situations in training that are more competitive, natural and realistic but still require specific technical execution and coaching. We took away concepts that we can easily apply immediately make our off season training more effective.”


“Lee Taft’s methods and program design for developing multidirectional speed in athletes has been an incredible resource to developing our basketball players at the University of Texas. His delivery in coaching these methods is what puts this as a must resource for any program that wants their athletes to be better multi-directionally.”

– Todd Wright, Strength & Conditioning Coach, University of Texas Basketball

“When it comes to speed, agility and quickness training there is no better coach than Lee Taft. His unique drills and programming make him one of the top S.A.Q . coaches in the country. If your sport requires you to move fast in all directions than Coach Taft is the one you want to coach you”

– Shawn Windle, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Indiana Pacers

“Lee Taft is my go-to guy when it comes to multi-directional and true “sports speed” development. Other guys can build get track athletes, but I’m not sure there’s anyone better than Lee when it comes to teaching how to be fast on the court or field.

The best part about Lee is that he’s developed a true system. This isn’t one-size-fits-all – it’s a system that includes progressions and regressions to make sure each and every athlete is getting the best possible result.

Quite simply, I can’t recommend anyone more highly than Lee Taft.”

– Mike Robertson, Strength Coach, Speaker, Consultant, Co-Owner of IFAST

“I have been exposed to numerous speed and agility coaches in my travels and I can say that Lee Taft is the best in the business. His common sense approach to maximizing first step explosiveness and agility training are exactly what our profession needs. Lee wears his passion on his sleeve and in one conversation with him you will see that he has the knowledge to solve even your most complex problems.”

– Chris Poirier, General Manager, Perform Better

“If you are coaching athletes at any level, Lee Taft has something to offer your team. He has a tremendous skill in teaching the fundamentals of speed and agility to athletes and coaches in a way that they can understand and immediately apply.”

– Bob Medina, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Portland Trailblazers

“Even though Alpine skiers don’t require the ability to rapidly change direction in the traditional sense we see in field sports, agility training serves a racer by increasing proprioception of the lower extremity. We hope agility will help racers improve overall athleticism, but most of all, prevent injuries. To accomplish these goals, our agility program exposes racers to diverse forces from a variety of planes. Charles Stephenson invited me to attend the 6th Annual Basketball Specific Strength and Conditioning Symposium at UNLV’s Mendenhall Center. That’s where Lee Taft introduced us to how he teaches change-of-direction. His multi-directional progressions more than compliment our agility package. Quite frankly, his techniques make “our” Olympic team a healthier and stronger one.”

– Ernie Rimer, Strength & Conditioning Coach
, US Ski Team

“I had the pleasure to hear Lee Taft’s presentation on basketball multi-directional speed techniques & progressions recently in Las Vegas. Having come from coaching college and high school basketball personally before becoming a college strength coach, Lee’s coaching points and drills are something I couldn’t wait to get back to school and implement a few of his ideas and drills to our college players. He takes the concept of speed and agility and applies it for basketball players in very specific game like movements. His drills and concepts are great for all levels of basketball players.”

– John Hudy, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Lipscomb University

“If you coach athletes, go see Lee Taft speak. Best multi-directional speed coach there is! I was lucky enough to learn from him for two full years. Laid the foundation for everything I’ve done since. He WILL make you a better coach!”

– Kyle Sottung, Strength & Conditioning Coach, RPI

“Lee really did much more than what I will say. I am still in appreciation of this gift of knowledge that weekend gave me. I am a passionate person about movement, when I was surrounded by coaches just as passionate I do not feel alone in my goal towards excellence. Please keep on giving us tools to help the young lives we

Lee Taft…delivered the necessary tools of knowledge and understanding to multi-directional speed, which will help me enhance the performance of the High School Athletes’ I work with.”

– Deborah G. Robinson, CSCS,ACSM,ACE,NASM, PES,IYCA,Z-Health Performance

“There are a lot of great coaches, speakers and people in the field of strength and conditioning. I’ve been lucky enough to see and meet a lot of them because of Lee. As a coach, he got the most out of me as a football player without ever gloating or bragging about how good he really was. I always knew he was a great coach, but it wasn’t until I showed up to the first pre-season football testing sessions in the weight-room that I realized how well he had prepared me.

As an intern and employee Lee taught me more in less than 2 years then I had ever learned before. Anything I didn’t learn directly from him I was exposed to as a result of being pointed in the right direction. Watching him speak he never talked down to anyone like some have a tendency to do.

As a person there is nobody I’ve met who lives by his or her word like Lee does. People can disagree with training ideas but you’ll never hear anyone say a bad word about Coach.

I can say without a doubt that Lee stands alone when it comes to combining all of the hats that a strength and conditioning coach could wear. There’s nobody I trust more in the industry and I’m proud to have had the chance to experience first-hand how good he truly is!”

– Jonathan Hudak MS, CSCS, Sport Performance Coach

“In my decade of experience in the field of youth athletics, I only have met a handful of professionals who combine theoretical knowledge along with practical application skills and the understanding of how to teach. Lee Taft is without a doubt is one of the finest and most talented professionals. I have ever met.”

– Brian Grasso, Developing Athletics

“Upon meeting and hearing Lee Taft speak on speed techniques and progressions for the first time, I was sold. Taft demonstrated how coaches are accustomed to training with ladders, cones, MBs, etc and not fully understand how it could be most beneficial if used correctly. In an hour or less, Taft was able to explain, demonstrate, and instruct on speed, change of direction, and reaction time. I feel Taft’s techniques would be helpful to any coach, sport, or individual in athletics. I am not easily convinced and not always willing to try new things. With Taft, I immediately began taking notes and I’m already planning to incorporate the little I learned into the upcoming season.”

– LaShawn Nastvogel, MS, CSCS, IFPA Pro

“Lee’s program has provided me with great guidance in how to instruct certain skills. His progressions are simple to me to understand and teach.”

– Mark Williams, Triple Threat Academy

“Lee delivered a great hands-on training session for our coaches that helped us refine our movement curriculum. Walking though Lee’s teaching progressions for developing and improving multi-directional speed was very valuable for us. We look forward to continuing the relationship we have esvc_tablished with him.”

– Teena Murray, Director of Sports Performance, University of Louisville Athletics

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”Product Review” tab_id=”1433985348215-3-8″][vc_column_text title_align=”separator_align_left” size=”font-size-lg”]”I own every DVD Coach Taft has ever created. His system is the foundation for how I train my athletes at Baylor. Although his passion comes across in his DVD’s it is truly an honor to speak with him in person. I have never left a conversation with Lee where I didn’t feel better about the future of my athletes. His techniques and tactics are the standard in efficient movement but it his passionate delivery that makes it easy to understand and implement. If you want to give your athletes the best opportunity to be successful please do them a favor and watch Lee’s videos or catch him at a conference. It will change the way you train your athletes!”

– Jeremy Heffner, Baylor University, Director of Athletic Performance, Women’s Basketball

“I’m really enjoying your DVD Ground Breaking series and Low Box Training. I continue to watch them over and over as much as I can. What a wealth of ready to use information. I can’t imagine anybody working with young athletes without this great resource. All the best and keep up the great work. I consider you a mentor in helping me learn and grow so I can deliver top notch speed programs to my young athletes. Thanks for influencing my career in such a positive manner.”

– David Kittner, Youth Fitness and Athletic Development Specialist

“I reviewed your video regarding basketball speed techniques and wanted to let you know that I thought it was excellent. I appreciate the way you broke down the instruction and drilled down the real details.”

– Rick Allison, LoneStar Basketball Academy

“Speed is no longer the exclusive domain of the naturally gifted – with this DVD any athlete can improve. These techniques and drills might just represent the fractions of a second it takes to score or prevent a score. Whether your athletes are big and strong or small and nimble these skills can now be gained by all.

– Richard Holmes England, UK

“I just viewed Basketball Speed. I have reviewed several basketball videos especially detailing the proper defensive technique; however your techniques are by far the best. After observing the detail in the technique, it gives the feeling that you could teach anyone to guard even the fastest player. I would love to have you demonstrate the proper technique to our 5-6 grade players. Great Job!”

– Lindsey Rolston, M.D

“Lee Taft’s Ground Breaking Athletic Movement DVD series is without a doubt the best I’ve seen on speed to date and has improved my ability to teach/correct my athletes which has resulted in an increase in movement ability which equals more acceleration! If you have not purchased this DVD series you are missing some vital information for the development of your athletes. His “Plyo Step” which he explains in the DVD is worth the price of the DVD and that is just one of many missing links he explains!”

– Spida Hunter, EHPFitness.com

“I am retiring from coaching and teaching in June. I have found your information invaluable through the years. I have often shared your thought and techniques with others – critical information for aspiring athletes.”

– Ed Houk

“Lee Taft’s Basketball Speed is top notch. His Basketball Speed helps us stay on the cutting edge with our programming”

– Ron Patulski, Training Champions Institute

“You’ve got my coaches in basketball and baseball re-thinking everything we do now as far as movement etc. We look forward to ordering more of your DVD’s.

– Steve Thiem

“Lee Taft ranks among the elite strength and speed coaches in the country. His presentations are highly informative and feature a wide variety of drills guaranteed to produce quicker and more explosive athletes. Coaches, physical education teachers, and athletes of all ages can benefit tremendously from attending one of Lee’s seminars or training sessions. Our company has sponsored several Lee Taft seminars and the response from those attending has always been superb. Lee is a consummate professional-we highly recommend his services.”

– Bryan Briddell, Ph. D., Vice President, Absolute Fitness Equipment

“When experts are described, you frequently hear the phrase. ‘He knows his stuff’. Lee Taft not only knows his stuff, by the may know it better than anyone else.”

– Phil Campbell, Author of Ready Set Go Synergy Fitness

“Your DVD on Basketball Speed is the most concise and practical approach developing quickness is athletics that I have seen. As a chiropractor for 24 years and an educator and Author in Chiropractor College, as well as being very active in youth sports, coaching basketball from 5 years old up to Varsity in high school over the years, I have been a student of form and function as it applies to performance enhancement. My search eventually lead me to your work and I find your fundamental techniques to be the most useful I seen. Your genuine enthusiasm is contagious!”

– Mark Lopes, DC

“Lee Taft is a pioneer in the sports performance world. His work with multi-directional training was and is revolutionary. I consider him to be a mentor and one of the biggest influences on me as a sports performance coach. The RYPT program highly reflects his work. I look forward to continuing to learn from Lee.”

– Bobby Smith, Founder & Owner, Reach Your Potential Training, Inc.

“I have purchased a couple of Coach Lee’s products over the past year and they are second to none. What other DVD do you see the coach or trainer doing all the movement skills themselves? The Baseball DVD has excellent cues and detailed technical points about base stealing. I just got through watching the DVD and was very impressed with the content and instruction. I have been training my baseball and softball athletes with much of the same techniques. With Lee’s points and cues, it will aid and benefit my athletes and enable them to reach the next level. I will refer back to the DVD for reference any time I have any technical questions. Thanks coach.

One word to sum up the DVD is “UNREAL!”

– Michael Labuanan, Maui Sports Conditioning

“Thanks for sharing your ideas. Not everyone believes in what I am telling them (about your ideas), but then, they are not the ones who just clinched the 7-AAAAA region championship.

I have been using your ideas (first step quickness drills, etc.) the past 1.5 years and it has made a difference in us getting to the ball quicker. We are presently 8-1 (8-0 in region play and ranked #5 in AAAAA Georgia HS Football). The difference has been getting our kids into a more powerful/efficient position quickly and then use proper mechanics to accelerate from that position. The first 10-20 meters improvements have been remarkably significant.

Thanks for sharing your ideas. Not everyone believes in what I am telling them (about your ideas), but then, they are not the ones who just clinched the 7-AAAAA region championship one week before the end of the regular season and secured a #1 seed in round one of the state playoffs.”

– David Machovec, Ducula High School, GA

“I just wanted to thank you for your feedback and the work you are doing training young athletes. I have been fortunate to employ some of your techniques, exercise and current information with parents, players and coaches that I work with.”

– Mike Grafstein, Youth-Soccer-Fitness.com

Many speed training videos fall short because they don’t take the time to break down the finer points and techniques on speed development. I think the most important thing a video should offer is actual teaching. Lee Taft’s (Ground Breaking 1) video made me feel like I was in a classroom actually learning something and I commend him for that. Ultimately our jobs as PE teachers, personal trainers and coaches are to teach what we know and Lee Taft shines through in this category. Besides loads of effective speed drills, if you want to really LEARN the importance & fine points of plyo steps, hip turns, directional crossover steps, athletic stances and so much more, and then get ‘Ground Breaking Athletic Movement DVD Series.”

– Virgil Aponte, MA, NYC Personal Trainer and PE Teacher

“These videos are exactly what I have been looking for many years. There are many videos on drills that don’t even touch techniques or kind of quickly go through techniques. I can’t wait to apply some of the techniques that I learned to make the athletes I coach even faster. I have been doing most of the techniques right, but there were a few ideas, topics and techniques that I found in the DVDs that just make sense (Plyo Step). I have been at odds with many coaches about the false step. These DVDs solidified my training style, but also give me a couple of added techniques to better my athletes. Ground Breaking 2 is the only resource I have found that is COMPLETE with techniques and drills that are actually useable and transferable to any sport. Thank you for sharing your techniques.”

– Jeff Patten, Sports Performance Coach

“I believe that you have the best knowledge in the world on the subject of speed and quickness.

I am a speed quickness and agility specialist over here for the sports of handball and Gaelic football. I have travelled the world learning from various experts. My main sport is handball and I have over 20 National titles and have represented Ireland at open grade (highest level) level 6 times.

My main interest is speed reaction and agility. I have read and studied all there is to know about the subject.

I have watched some of your videos and I believe that you have the best knowledge in the world on the subject of speed and quickness. Your cutting edge knowledge is revolutionary and easy to follow. The sport of Gaelic football over here is Ireland is massive and is the national sport. I travel throughout the country teaching speed agility and quickness to Gaelic football and handball teams. I will be telling them about you and encouraging them to purchase off your website. We can gain from your knowledge and experience and I believe that the sports of handball and Gaelic football will grow with the help of Lee Taft.”

– James Doyle, QRASP Specialist, Ireland

“My weakness is training athletes for SAQ and after a short time of learning your info I am easily implementing your methods into our overall program.

I also understand much better the how, why, when & where of SAQ training. I am certainly nowhere near where I want or need to be with regards to my knowledge of SAQ but if you were close by I would be knocking down your door with my athletes!”

– Zach Even-Esh, ZachEven-Esh.com

“Lee’s Low Box Training is an unbelievable collection of drills and progressions. The drills presented can be used for athletes of all ages with tremendous ease. The drills also give you alternatives that will help prevent your workouts from becoming stale boring. This must have for any performance coach.”

– Mark Lopes

The attention to detail was fantastic and the explanation and application of the techniques clarified your theory very well. What can I say but-Awesome.”

– Ryan Stone

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”Seminar” tab_id=”1433985405292-4-7″][vc_column_text title_align=”separator_align_left” size=”font-size-lg”]“After attending Lee Taft’s Athletic Speed Seminar I have a whole new outlook on speed training. To see in person how enthusiastic and professional Lee is when talking about speed, his peers and his inspirations it certainly rubs off on you and gives you the same enthusiasm when you leave. I could not wait to start my next practice session when I left the seminar to try the wonderful new skills, drills and strength training exercises I learnt as well as the different coaching methods. I would recommend anybody who is seriously interested in learning and developing their interests in speed to attend one of his seminars, it has certainly opened my eyes to speed training.”

– Garry Lee Powell

“I recently attended The Athletic Speed Formula seminar presented by Lee Taft. I highly recommend attending a seminar of his; Lee is a very knowledgeable and honest individual who is willing to take his time to teach you the skills of making your athletes better in their overall performance. I came away from this three-day seminar with a lot of useful information, which I cannot wait to utilize with our junior high/high school campers and our Division I athletes. Thank you Lee for everything you taught us during this seminar!”

– Lori Martin CSCS, USAW Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach at Binghamton University

“The Lee Taft seminar is one of the best seminars I have been to, being a physical therapist and owning my own clinic and sports training center I’ve been to a lot of seminars. Lee has excellent people skills and taught us the basic fundamental skills and drills and progressed us to more advanced movement patterns and drills for speed, agility and strength. He is at the top of his game and at the same time is very humble.”

– Rex Holden, MSPT, Owner FAST Fitness, LLC Accelerated Mobility Physical Therapy

“In the beginning, let my point out that I’m really glad to attend the “Athletic Speed Formula”. Lee Taft is simply one of the most inspirational person I have met. Aside from his expertise and knowledge, which are extensive, his passion for speed training is in hi level. The way he organizes and disseminates information makes it beneficial for people at all levels and in all areas of coaching. I advise everyone, if you are a trainer or coach, to learn from this man and his professional staff as much knowledge and tactic as you can.”

– Hlynur Chadwick Guðmundsson, Track & Field Coach Iceland

“Thanks for a most enjoyable weekend. it was interesting to meet with you in person and to share thoughts on speed, agility, and quickness. as a physical therapist I have incorporated many of your techniques and ideas into what i do on the rehabilitation end. with my ACL injuries i always incorporate a progressive back to sports jump training program before clearing my athlete’s to return to full activity. in the past i have always felt that there was a component of agility that needed to be added which i have found in what you have taught. since adding what you preach to my return to sports jump training protocol i have seen tremendous gains in athletic positioning and control with higher speed activities. not only are my athlete’s better prepared physically to return to sports but more importantly they are better prepared psychologically for the skills they need to exhibit to be competitive. thanks lee for helping me find the missing link!”

– Jim Turcer, PT Physical Therapist Summit Physical Therapy & Sports Care Alexander, NY

“Lee’s seminar was absolutely wonderful. I am amazed at how much he knows and how inspiring he is to listen to. During the course of one short weekend seminar, Lee gave me countless tools to work with when coaching just about any sports team. I would recommend it to anyone.”

– Ted Santaniello

I would highly recommend this seminar to anybody who has ever taken any of Lee’s DVDs, programs, or thought about becoming better at speed training and incorporating it into your program. If you want to learn then learn from the best. Lee is such a great teacher, very down to earth. Everybody involved in the program is really helpful. I would strongly suggest it. You won’t regret it.”

– Kris Massaro, Trainer and Business Owner, Tustin, CA

“I am here as a dad. I wanted to try and learn how to help my son become a better athlete with movement, change of direction and deceleration. Lee was able to give me a wonderful opportunity to learn all these skills and how to help my son become a better soccer player, a better baseball player. I’m going to take these back and hopefully have him learn to become a much better athlete and excel with whatever he wants to do.”

– Steve Ecklund, Father, Mechanicsville, MD

“I’m a physical education teacher. I have seen Lee at many conferences and I have seen little parts here and there and I couldn’t wait to come to this conference and kind of put the whole thing together. I think that really happened here this past weekend. I got to see some of the little things that make a difference between a regular athlete and somebody who is faster, stronger. So, I am excited about putting some of these things to use when I get back to school as a teacher as well as a soccer coach.”

– Blake White, P.E. Teacher Lake George, NY

“This seminar is probably the best seminar that I have ever been to. Lee is just phenomenal as far as teaching. Things that I came here to learn were different ways to cue and different ways to teach athletes how to move without actually telling them. Using different implements to get them to move the way you want them to. So, this is the best seminar I have ever been to. It was packed with information and I will be coming again.”

– Jeff Patten, Owner of Athletic Conditioning Center Coventry, Rhode Island

“Lee Taft’s “Athletic Speed Formula” three-day clinic is absolutely one of the very BEST clinics that I’ve ever attended. Based upon the sheer volume of cutting-edge training you receive combined with his engaging teaching style certainly rank Lee Taft in the same tier as JC Santana, Mike Boyle, Mark Verstegen and Gray Cook. Lee is the very best when it comes to teaching athletic multi-directional movement!”

– Bryan Briddell, Ph.D., Owner/Director Saratoga Peak Performance Saratoga Springs, New York

“I am the owner of Mach 5 Youth Performance Training. I train young athletes for speed and agility. I am here at Lee Taft’s Speed Seminar and it was awesome. I would recommend it to anybody because Lee is a wonderful instructor, teacher, and I learned a whole lot within a short period of time.”

– Eric Ryan, Virginia Beach, Virginia

“First of all I want to thank for a great weekend. Your seminar was amazing. The knowledge and passion Lee has for the speed training is unbelievable. He presents the subject extremely well so it is very easy to understand. If you are working with athletes there is no question you have to take this seminar.”

– Helgi Jónas Guðfinnsson, CHEK Practitoner Level 2, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, Iceland

“I have come to attend the Lee Taft Academy and it has been a thoroughly, truly thoroughly enjoyable and informative session and seminar. I would say that out of all of the seminars I have been to this one has covered so many bases. Even though my sport is cricket there is so much information that I will be able to take back with me to use in my programs. I will without a doubt recommend this seminar to all the people I know, all the trainers in Barbados and all the coaches. I am sure that with all the help that I will get from Lee my program will become a better program. One day I hope that Lee will make a trip to Barbados so that he will be able to help push the business of speed to everyone there. Thanks very much to all those who assisted as well. Thank you.”

– William Borne, Cricket Player and Coach Barbados

“I really enjoyed the program and I learned so much. The main thing I learned was even thought I already knew the exercises Lee explained, it gave me a knew insight… so it is like I relearned them again in the right way. I think no matter how long you’ve been in the industry you should come. You can learn so much.”

– Diego De Alba, Performance Trainer Tustin, CA

“I am a strength coach and performance coach from State College, PA. We are just wrapping up the Lee Taft Speed Formula and it was just a great weekend. I came because I knew that Lee always goes above and beyond no matter what it is he is doing and this weekend was just another example of that. He went above and beyond and gave us everything we could have had and more with the realization of what we do is not just…we don’t just coach. There is a business aspect to what we do and both of those components really need to be addressed and he did that and did it in a big way. He gave me ideas that will pay for this weekend over and over and over again and I would highly recommend that you get to anything like this that Lee will do in the future.”

– Rob Oshinskie

“I just wrapped up the weekend with Lee Taft at the Athletic Speed Formula Seminar and I can’t say enough. I learned a ton this weekend; some speed training techniques and things like that but I think more than anything was ways to build our business, make it better, streamline things, farm things out so we are not so bogged down and ways and techniques to make the system work better. I got a ton of information but I don’t feel overwhelmed. Mostly I am looking forward to getting back and implementing the techniques and some of these programs that we went over: product development, training, things like that and I just can’t wait until we go another weekend like this so I can get some more information like this and also build some more friendships. I just can’t say enough about the weekend I have had here with Lee.”

– Steve Jury

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tab][vc_tab title=”Speaking” tab_id=”1433985450029-5-7″][vc_column_text title_align=”separator_align_left” size=”font-size-lg”]”Lee is an excellent teacher, coach, and organizer. I have witnessed Lee run a spectacular basketball camp as well as work one-on-one training athletes. His ability to motivate and inspire athletes is second to none. I would highly recommend Lee for any athletic endeavor, whether to train individual athletes to become his or her very best, or to organize and motivate a team or group of athletes who want to achieve their highest level of performance.”

-Blair Giles, President, JBG Sports Group, President/CEO, Fredette Family Foundation

“Lee performed a two day course at our facility last year. We are a Physical Therapy and Fitness company with multiple locations. He designed a lecture that was pertinent to the Physical Therapist and our Personal Trainers. His knowledge, understanding, enthusiasm and most important his ability to breakdown human movement into simplistic forms made this weekend course truly amazing. We still use many of the exercises, concepts and teaching methods that we learned that weekend. If you are thinking about having Lee come to your facility you couldn’t ask for a better speaker and deliver of this information. He is the Best!”

-Greg Besson, MSPT, Partner at Moore Physical Therapy and Fitness

“Our organization (Basketball BC) had Lee make two presentations to over 170 basketball coaches. The feedback I received, as the organizer, was phenomenal. Here are three of the comments; Lee’s presentation will revolutionize how defense is played in our province. It will probably take 3 years but the people who attended this conference will spread the word. I am sure glad I didn’t start practicing with my team this week because he completely changed my thoughts on how to teach defensive movement. It was the most valuable presentation I have ever attended and I have attended clinics for over 20 years. After attending Lee’s presentation I feel I can help my players become better athletes, and I couldn’t say that before. Fantastic.”

– Mike McNeill, Director of Coaching Development, Basketball British Columbia

“Lee has provided our coaching staff with the foundation and knowledge to make our team quicker, more explosive, and stronger. WE are truly looking forward to implementing his techniques into our training sessions. Lee is a tremendous resource for collegiate coaches of any sport. He is both an expert in his field, and exceptional at teaching and sharing his knowledge. I know our program will be positively impacted by the knowledge gained through Lee’s clinic.

Lee Taft has done an outstanding job of preparing our athletes as well as our coaching staff as LISC with drills and exercises needed to perform at a higher level. Lee’s age specific curriculum and knowledge have done wonders already for this club and we are excited for what might come in the future with the help of Sports Speed, Etc. Our athletes have shown tremendous improvements in strength, quickness, and conditioning!”

– Mike Kobylinski, Director of Coaching, Little Illini Soccer Club, Champaign, IL

“In over thirty years in high school athletics, I have never met a more knowledgeable and capable strength and conditioning coach than Lee Taft. Lee’s ability to teach and break down all aspects of strength and flexibility, conditioning and speed are second to none. Your coaches and your athletes deserve the very best. Lee Taft is just that—THE BEST!”

– Jeff Sunblade, Director of Student Activities, Avon Public Schools

“Lee Taft ranks among the elite strength and speed coaches in the country. His presentations are highly informative and feature a wide variety of drills guaranteed to produce quicker and more explosive athletes. Coaches, physical education teachers, and athletes of all ages can benefit tremendously from attending one of Lee’s seminars or training sessions. Our company has sponsored several Lee Taft seminars and the response from those attending has always bee superb. Lee is a consummate professional-we highly recommend his services.”

– Bryan Briddell, Ph. D., Vice President, Absolute Fitness Equipment

“It was so great to meet you in person. Your passion and ability to explain complex movement skills in a simple way is a sign of true genius. I cannot wait to try out some of your concepts. I already used many of these ideas but I know have a better understanding. I feel more confident to combat some of the old ways of doing things.”

– Mike MacKay, Manager Coach Education and Development, Canada Basketball

“Lee is a proven expert on the field and an awesome coach from the platform. He will put your students on the FAST track to success!”

– Jonathan Sprinkles, National College Speaker of the Year, APCA, Author, “The 7 Secrets of Successful Student Leaders”

“Lee’s presentation on helping students achieve success is sure to inspire. Do yourself a favor and hire Lee to speak. You’ll be thankful you did!”

– James Malinchak, Co-Author, Chicken Soup for the Athlete’s Soul, Co-Author Chicken Soup for the College Soul, Two-Time College Speaker of the Year

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