Speed Toolbox Development

Gain a Complete Understanding of what it takes to Be a Speed Ambassador

Look at your current experience as a coach… Imagine what’s possible if you made a choice to level up by learning the EXACT systems that influenced how speed performance is taught, and join a community of like-minded coaches with the same ambitions!

(Doors closing July 19 at11:59 pm EST)

Be a Part of an Impactful and Powerful Learning Experience

The Speed Toolbox is YOUR Answer!

Imagine having a total grasp of my principles, concepts, actions, and methods within my speed training philosophy.  

  • Your athletes get faster!
  • You become an authority and highly sought after.
  • And, most importantly into a world-class speed perfromance coach.

The Speed Toolbox is the Foundation of Being a Speed Ambassador

It’s the place for YOU to not only spend time with me and other like-minded coaches,  but an endless opportunity for you to tap into and collaborate with other top speed performance coaches who “get it”! 

Where else can you find this connection…every single day!

When you surround yourself with high achievers, you set yourself apart and set yourself up for success…PRICELESS!

Don’t Just Take My Word for it…

Lorenzo Perry

Game Day Fitness

“The Speed Toolbox has really allowed me to grow as a coach and teach proven scientific back movement principles. In the past, I had the tendency to hide my lack of knowledge behind a “cool” looking drill.”

Karah Schwalm

STRONGirl Performance

“Lee was one of the first coaches/mentors I followed when I became a trainer. I’ve learned so much from him and can tell he truly cares about the successes of athletes and coaches! I’m thrilled to now be a member of this group!”

Sascha Sanderlin


“I like the content and feel like I am at a conference on speed development.  However, I have time to process and get more info the following week, unlike in a conference setting.”

Spencer Bowersmith

SB Performance Lab

“I took the New Speed Toolbox out for a spin, and I just wanted to say that I LOVE IT! This is absolutely fantastic. I love how you are really going to break drills/concepts down from start to finish.”

Joe Emery

S&C Coach

” I like the new toolbox. I think it’ll be a really cool way to go back and re-educate myself on older topics while learning new ones as we progress through this new model.”

Cece Cardano

S&C Coach

“After 35 years as a physical education teacher/ middle school counselor, I wanted to recreate myself in retirement. Became a personal trainer and Speed and Agility Coach through Lee’s course. Been following him ever since! Lee has been incredibly supportive and encouraging, and I attribute all I’ve learned to Lee and believe in his approach. So grateful he openly shares his knowledge and passion for speed and quality movement with us!”

Dalla Price

Rock Fitness – Canada

“As an entrepreneur for 8 yrs, I’ve missed the ability to bounce ideas off of coworkers and feed off of their insight. I miss that community to help problem solve and grow. The Speed Toolbox is the solution!”

N’Namdi Nelson

Marvel Fitness

“I’ve been learning from speed from Lee’s since I was in high school. His toolbox has a lot of valuable resources that can strengthen all parts of my business. I’m looking forward to continuing to be a member.”

Here’s an Inside Look at the Speed Toolbox

Targeted modules dedicated to specific skills and weekly lessons designed with time to apply the skills and no overwhelm due to fluff!

  • Know the “Why’s” behind the skill or the concept, or the method give you clarity.
  • Understand the model of the movement pattern.
  • Coach variations of the foundational skill to benefit the specific nature of a sport. 
  • How to use an assessment as a tool to help and not an intimidator for the athlete.
  • What considerations go into programming and implementation.
  • Video breakdown of the skill to demonstrate correct versus incorrect execution. 
  • A Community to ask questions, share videos, get advice from the other top coaches in the community

Who Can Become a Speed Toolbox Member?

  • Sports coaches looking to improve their team and programs speed.
  • Strength and Conditioning coaches looking to have the skill-set to train all areas of speed.
  • Personal trainers wanting to help more clients with speed development.
  • Physical Therapists helping athletes return to play and develop safer speed techniques.
  • Sports performance facility owners and staff looking to offer more speed training classes.
  • Parents looking to help their children create amazing foundations of speed.
  • Youth coaches with the desire to teach their young team the fundamentals of speed. 
  • Last but not least, travel team coaches want to have the fastest athletes possible.

Here’s What YOU Can Expect When Becoming a Speed Toolbox Member

  • Access to me, “The Speed Guy”
  • Purposeful information to improve your coaching clarity.
  • Time with other incredible coaches within the Speed Toolbox community. 
  • Access to step-by-step guides, templates, and resources is all designed to help make teaching and improve your athletes easier than you ever thought possible. 

*Remember, I am a teacher first and obsess over helping you move forward no matter where you are in your journey.

All this for ONLY $59 a Month!



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