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Speed Camp Organization

speed camp organization

The Big Picture

One of the most exciting activities a coach can host for athletes is a speed camp.

Speed camps bring energy and passion to any program, team, or facility. However, there are hidden traps that many coaches fall into that leave their speed camp organization in disarray.

Anytime a coach runs a camp with large groups of athletes, planning is the number one factor that can decide success or failure. Let’s talk about the biggest area of planning and that is DRILL ORGANIZATION.

Once a coach decides what drills or activities will be taught, the need to understand space management, formation organization, and return-to-line and traffic flow are some of the more important logistical matters.

Understanding Wait Time

What about understanding “wait-time”?

If you have athletes perform a skill that takes upwards of 30-45 seconds and you have lines of 10 athletes, the it will be 3-4 minutes before the tenth person has a turn.

This is not good, nor is it fun!

Wait time can created boredom which leads to athletes not pay attention and “messing around”.

Plan or Succumb

Planning out how drills, lines, rest periods, and traffic flow will coordinate is of the upmost importance. Not planning these variables ahead of time will usually result in failure and chaos.

It is also important to remember that athletes can see right through the chaos when your speed camp is not organized well.

At my last Jump Start Speed Clinic there were 105 athletes to organize and I was the only instructor. This camp was a 2-hours and went on without a glitch. It was only a success because this speed camp was completely organized and planned out.

Learn to plan and enjoy the benefits of speed camp organization!

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