Gain One-on-One Access to Lee Taft as YOUR Coach and Mentor!

Here’s your opportunity to mentor directly with “The Speed Guy” – discuss your individual needs, find answers to your specific coaching questions, and gain clarity to your business direction…from a coach with over 30 years of experience & knowledge ready to share, teach, and support.  

Lee Taft’s Mentorship Benefits

  • Initial one-on-one call with Lee to help with immediate needs get you headed in the right direction.
  • One Monthly One-on-One call.
  • Access to Lee’s Personal Email – When you need those detailed questions answered immediately.
  • Bi-Monthly Live Group Zoom Calls – Round Table Q & A and Connecting with other coaches.
  • Continued Access to recorded Group Zoom Calls.
  • Private Facebook group to have daily interaction with Lee and other mentor members.
  • Membership in the Speed Toolbox and ALL the perks included.
  • Be mentored from anywhere around the world.
  • Discount to live events.

This is a
It is ONLY a

ONLY $249/month

Why the Lee Taft Mentorship?

Mentors or consultants bring a high level of experience to the questions you need to answer.

For over 30 years, I have made all kinds of mistakes along the journey to discovering answers that produce results. My speed training methods have changed how coaches worldwide train their athletes. The techniques came about after years of research, clinical study, and trial and error. Over my career as a performance coach, I have seen more than my share of techniques, strategies, and methods come and go while mine has to stand the test of time.

My business accomplishments followed the same path. I failed my way to success. I hired coaches who were smarter than me – I took what was practical and discarded what wasn’t. I even built several successful training facilities, speaking and consulting businesses, very successful camps and clinics model, and products and courses used worldwide by coaches and specialists.

Mentoring with me allows you to cut in front of the line and avoid pitfalls that I experienced. I have helped many create successful businesses by following my years of advice.

I understand all too well what your struggles are. 

  • Do you need help knowing how to build a speed development and performance facility to attract your ideal client? 
  • Maybe you need guidance with programming to improve team and individuals performance?  
  • How about assistance in operating your facility with a solid model with systems of operation? 
  • Or, do you need help with the most often misunderstood aspect of building a speed and performance program –  building a camps and clinic model? 

Young coaches who are just starting or experienced veterans with many years of proven success will gain valuable insights from my decades of evaluating situations and constructing strategies to achieve a specific result.

I made the mistake of along the way, so you don’t have to!

The failures shaped my success. 

Don’t go another day with a missed opportunity to learn from my mistakes and my WINS! 

What’s Included In The Mentorship?

  • New Speed Toolbox Module Each Month
  • Weekly Lessons with Clear DIrections
  • Supportive Community of Coaches
  • Discounts to Live Events
  • Private Facebook Page with Daily Engagements with Lee & Coaching Group
  • Bi-Monthly Live Zoom Group Q & A
  • Access to Lee’s Email to ask Questons and Receive Direct Answers
  • Monthly One-on-One Call with Lee.

What Are Others Saying About Lee?

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Founders & Owners

Jason Feairheller

Founder & Co-Owner

Miguel Wickert

Director of Performance

Titan Sports Complex

Be Mentored from
Around the World..

ONLY $249/month

You cannot afford to NOT take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

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