Foundations of Multi-Directional Speed Workshop

Lee Taft is Bringing his LIVE Foundations of Multi-Directional Speed Workshop to You. If You Want to be a Host or Just Want to Attend a Clinic,
Lee is Coming to You…

We all are busy, we all have wants and needs, and we all want to become better at what we do. We all want to be able to answer questions for our clients, athletes, coaches, and parents. Not being able to properly assess and give constructive correctives is very frustrating.

I Have THE Answers to Your Frustrations…

  • If you want to attend a speed clinic focused on the “Why’s” and the “How’s”…
  • If you want to understand the models of multi-directional speed patterns…
  • If you want to listen, see, and understand how Lee evaluates an athlete’s movements…
  • If you need a better reason why you do what you do or how you do what you do…
  • If you want to be able to understand the interplay between biomechanics and physical laws…
  • If you want a clinic that gives you answers and show you how to arrive at those answers…
  • If you want your knowledge, business, and success to grow through mastery of sports speed…

Then, Foundations of Multi-Directional Speed Workshop is Your Answer!

Here is How the Foundations of Multi-Directional Speed is Set Up to Create the Optimal Learning Environment for You..

  • Workshops start promptly at 8 am and ends at 6 pm.
  • There are four modules between 1 to 3 hours.
  • This workshop includes lecture and hands-on format, with the majority being hands-on.
  • Coaches will demonstrate, assess, teach, and select feedback.
  • If you are injured, you will not have to demonstrate, but assess, teach, and provide feedback.
  • Learn by “Seeing” and “Hearing” Lee teach his methods and processes.
  • Apply what you learned.
  • Receive and share feedback from Lee and other attendees.
  • Video analysis to address and discuss models of movement and corrective strategies.


This workshop is opened to all level sport coaches, exercise science college students, personal trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, and physical therapist wanting to become a better instructor of multi-directional speed.

How to Host a Workshop?

Some of the Host Requirements:

  1. Location MUST be within the United States.
  2. Be located no more than 60 – 75 minutes from an airport.
  3. Have a large enough facility to accommodate up to 40 or more participants.
  4. Facility with access to at least 25 yards of open space to perform running exercises.
  5. Have access to food location for lunch or be able to have food delivered to facility.
  6. Can supply at least twenty 40”, or longer, superbands.
  7. Can supply at least twenty 4lb-6lb medicine ball and/or 5lb weight plates or combination of each.

If you are interested in finding out more specific details and requires to host a Foundations of Speed Workshop, contact,


$297/Early Bird $227 Until July 31st

Email For More Details

*NSCA CEU’s Pending

Workshop Details and Description

Module 1Module 2Module 3Module 4
Module #1- Foundations of Assessment, Rebooting Fundamental Patterns, and Models of Movements

  • Quick, to the point, range of motion assessment to be sure athlete is safe to perform.
  • Breakdown of the models for our 7-movement patterns
  • Demonstrate, assess, practice of the Fundamental Rebooting Patterns with vestibular training.
  • Push-Open-Push Method (P.O.P. Method) to set a foundation for variability to exist.
  • Preparation System that includes is reverse walking ankle mobility series, tubing unilateral push, pull, rotate-pause series, band transverse stability series, band adductor series, and medicine ball reach/lunge series.
Module #2- Deceleration System and Re-Acceleration Strategies (Corrective Strategies)

  • Three-phase deceleration system that includes hit the position, control the position, own the position.
  • Straddle and resisted straddle foot and ankle orientation series that includes lateral, acceleration, deceleration repositioning response.
  • Low Box reactive shuffle re-acceleration strategy.
  • Medicine ball fake throw series strategy.
3 Tier System for Speed, Multi-Directional Speed Skill, Variability, and Corrective Strategies

  • How and why to implement the Tier System for greater responses and assessment.
  • Demonstration, practice, teaching, and feedback of 7 patterns of MDS and variability.
  • Corrective strategies speed patterns that includes how to use them without dominating with corrective drills.
Module #4- Energy Systems, Programming, and Live Discussion Q & A

  • Training energy where athletes need it most to get fast and have capacity to train more.
  • Designing a program for multi-directional speed learning why, how, and when.
  • Open discussion on what you want to know, revisit demonstration, and more Q & A.


$297/Early Bird $227 Until July 31st

Email For More Details

*NSCA CEU’s Pending

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