business of speed

Business of Speed

Establishing the Business of Speed

Unless you have been living under a rock, then you know speed training has established itself as a standalone business. Strength training and all the other areas of performance training are important; however, speed can stand on its own simply because your audience wants it. Knowing this, you should treat speed as a headliner in your performance facility or you are not taking advantage of built in marketing.

Marketing to your community that you specialize in improving speed will catch the attention of athletes, parents, and coaches. Speed is just one of those buzz words a business can be built on. If you don’t think so just ask me, The Speed Guy, who has made a three-decade career out of niching speed.

If you work with adults only and you don’t think speed applies to you, then you are completely wrong. Speed can be packaged in all shapes and sizes.

Imagine this, offering adult speed camps with the hook of improving overall movement performance for the weekend warrior, dedicated runner, and avid trail bike rider. Don’t put speed in a box. Take the time to brainstorm of all the avenues speed training can offer for your business.

Business of Speed Example

Let me give you a little history on the longest program I ever ran at my speed academy. In 1994, I started a program dedicated to improving the performance of ski patrol and ski instructors. This was a 7-week pre-season program that grew and continued for a long time. It took on different shapes over the years, but it lasted on and off for 10 years with the main group intact.

I believe the reason it lasted so long was because I created the experience of being athletes, not just older adults trying to stay fit. Many of the participants were in their later 40’s and 50’s.

My older athletes performed linear and lateral acceleration, medicine ball explosive throws, Medicine ball fake throws, reactive agility, various forms of jump training, and strength training. If you were to walk in you during a session, then you would not see much different than if I were running a session with my youth athletes. I simply made sure risk was low and effort was high.

Growing Business of Speed

The obvious population to market speed training to are athletes, and of course now you understand adults can be included. Always remember, to grow the Business of Speed you need to create a clinic and/or camp system. Ideas for camps and clinics are combine style clinics, weekly speed camps, marketing clinics at schools and clubs, and coaches’ clinics. These are a must if you want to spread the word of your services to as many people as possible.

These are only a few Business of Speed strategies you can begin to capitalize on with your company and prospects. Be on the look out for even more ideas and strategies in the very near future.