how to establish self with a speed camp

Become Established with Speed Camps

Become Established with Speed Camps…for FREE!

One of the most under valued areas in strength and conditioning is the speed camp. I mean this for everyone; college, professional, and high school strength coach, private facility owner, and most definitely the sport team coach.

Speed camps offer diversity to your program. They allow you to compartmentalize an important aspect of your overall program if you are a team sport coach. Best of all, if you are a private sports performance facility owner, they give you an amazing opportunity to establish yourself in a community.

Here are 4 of my top tips to on how to become established with speed camps to benefit all involved.

Tip #1 Look Where No-One Else Will

If you want to become established with speed camps and build a business, use camps to give back to the community or drive athletes to join your performance facility, then you must be willing to offer FREE camps and go after the hidden gems.

Every year churches host tons of youth for week-long church camps or retreats. What a great opportunity to offer your services for that week. Ask the group leaders if you could run a 30 to 60-minute speed camp for the students of the camp. Make it fun and energizing by using fitness foundational exercises.

Tip #2 Become a Friend to Coaches

I can’t tell you how many times I have seen the opportunity to get to know other coaches be blown apart. Most often performance coaches contact high school coaches and preach to them how much they need their service. What a big mistake!

After getting to know a little about a coach’s programs, the key is to reach out to this hard-working coach and let him know how much you have followed his team and how impressed you are with how his program is ran and he coaches his athletes. Next, follow up by letting him know you would love to sit and learn from him. Lastly, let the coach know you are starting a speed camp business and would like to get his advice.

By taking this approach, you have positioned the coach as the authority and you are asking for help. Most people want to help and don’t want to be told what to do. Once you establish this relationship, let the coach know you would be available to instruct a 15-minute warm up for hisr athletes before a practice or help with a speed station at a summer camp. Taking these steps will most certainly establish a relationship.

Tip #3 Go Adventurous

Don’t just think of the mainstream sports. You are trying to gain access to athletes, coaches, and parents. Whatever your purpose is for running speed camps, you must diversify your population to draw more attention to your camps.

Ideas would be runners’ clubs, bikers’ clubs, triathlon clubs, mountain climbers’ clubs, ski clubs, etc. I once instructed a two-hour speed clinic for a bunch of skiers in the actual ski-lodge. It all occurred while people where eating lunch in that very same lodge. Bottom line is do, whatever it takes.

Establishing yourself as an expert with these different groups will assist you with picking up clients, plus you will create community support, and become a resource and referral for everyone.

Tip #4 Travel Teams

Simply by visiting any park or basketball facility in the spring or summer, you will find a gazillion boys and girls playing soccer, lacrosse, volleyball, softball, basketball, tennis, and many other sports.

You must be willing to seek out the head coaches and/or directors and introduce yourself. Talk to them about how they have developed such a wonderful program for kids. Let them know you would like to get their advice on how you could run 10-30-minute speed sessions with travel teams. Whatever advice they share with you, use the information, learn from the information, or let the information lead you to more questions. Always finish by asking if they might be interested in you instructing a 10-15 minute warm up and activation session to get the athlete moving with more quality. My bet is you will have that opportunity right off or in the very near future.

With these four tips, your wheels should be turning and ramping up your priority of becoming established.

Always remember, being told ‘NO’ only provides other great opportunities. It is never personal.

Be an Ambassador of Speed!